DLC related issues with my account

Hi all,

Sorry if this has been posted a million times before but it’s bugging me now.

So I bought the VIP and CAR PASS a while back.

I see they downloaded on my XBOX ONE and decided to play today - I wanted to check the MARKET PLACE and noticed that I don’t have some of the car packs - when I click on it - it takes me to a page where I can buy the car pack or the CAR PASS which, as you know, I already own.

I restarted the XBOX ONE and tried loading the game a few times (closing it each time) and then I just decided to load FM5 and leave it for a few hours - still nothing.

Please see attached image which shows the obvious:

Anyone got any advice on what to do here?

Try to install only the car pass and start the game. Then install the VIP membership. The VIP membership still not working for me, but the car pass worked me well at 1st time.