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Hello everyone & welcome to the offical thread of DeadLights. This thread will contain all the DeadLights artist fantasy paints & information about on going Dead Lights projects & competitions. Any questions for our artist or request will be answered here. Thank you for taking the time to read this & hope you enjoy our stuff.

DeadLights Garage

Photo Showcase

Painters - DreadWalker73, Dr Satan II, DontCallMeBruce, Carbonfreon, ZERO00769, Dragon Arts, Skyhauk, A1 Ray, Maidenmascot, Adelad, EV1L W1LL R1S3, b8design, Smokin Buddy, rockstof, greenphantom2, screechymon, FTW InSaNiTy, ONR Hypoxia, HotLap Designs, Doodley Squat, Sketchamus RJT625 62, TeeWiggs, CHEDDARBOB279, & A STEALTH ELF.

Tuners -

Race- D52088, MauveNinja, Bigganomics, FTW InSaNiTy, ONR Hypoxia, FAA LuGnUtZ86, & TeeWiggs.

Drift- Dr Satan, Bigganomics, & Smokin Buddy

Official Sellers - D52088, FTW InSaNiTy, JAS FIVEZERO, & BiiG Shadowz

Photographers - Striker 2, Sp1r1tofG0nz0, JAS FIVEZERO, Sketchamus, BO JAFAR, xHACHIKO, & Chevy88.

Film makers- GivingUTheGears, rockstof.

Racers- vwdave92, & Chevy88

Storefront Keyword - DeadLights Kustoms

Our history, by DontCallMeBruce

Deadlights History (2008 - present)

Back in 2008 on Forza 2 myself, and then Dreadanimosity (aka Dreadwalker73) collabed on our first paint - X-Men: Rise of the Sentinels. It was entered and we won the weekly livery contest - Week 32.

Shortly after I closed down my garage (Black Water Creations), and Dread closed his (Worldwalker Creations), and Deadlights was born from the ashes. On October 11, 2008 Deadlights released it’s first collab to be won in one of our contest. The titled paint - Jersey Devil (Porsche Cayman) was a limited edition. Only thirteen cars were made.

Back when we first started we had a darker, gritier theme than what is used today.

Dread went the way of anime, and superheros. I went the way of oddball (lol) paints. Anything from a Get Fuzzy, Happy Tree Friends, to the Body Glove Mustang, and Van Hauler (It had one monster racing tune by D52088. Our first, and oldest tuner for four years straight.)

Along the way we slowly, and I mean slowly made our niche ignoring the negativity from the “old boys” club. To those who did help guide us in our fledgling days we whole heartedly thank you for your kindness & patience. We have since made this a strong point in our garage to always pass on the positive, and aid the newcomers that arrive on the forums. Through apprenticeships, Newcomer Invitational contests, and some simple advice steering them down the right path has made lifelong fans, friends, and sometimes new members.

We did a paint honoring Jerimiah Lasater after a fellow Forza player texted me via Xbox Live about it. Jerimiah was only 14 at the time, and was bullied to the point of taking his own life. We immediatly got to work and with the help of other members, and friends - Duekacer, & Jok3r77.

The paint was posted on the AH in mass to spread the message and we recieved a huge response. Jerimiah’s father had begun Project 51 on the web, a non-profit organization to help other students in need across the country. We sent him photos of the car for which he was grateful to see the gaming community take the time to honor his son. Jerimiah was an avid gamer.

Jerimiah Lasater Memorial paint - (one of our proudest moments)

For more information on Jerimiah ‘Click’ the link - http://www.jeremiah51.com/

We also teamed up with Snowowl to help educate players who were overloading the AH with bannable offensive paints. Most had never stepped foot on the forums. So two cars were designed and let loose in mass again for $1,000 apiece. Each car held infomation regarding bannable items, and the web adress to get more information on what was acceptable on an “E for everyone” game. It was interesting way to get the message out to ease the flood, which it did a little.

At one point we decided to expand our small paint garage into a larger entity called Ronin Inc. I decided to post a filler story explaining what happened to Dead Lights garage as a way to introduce Ronin Inc.

We had the RDT (Ronin Drift Team), a full website, tuning shop, paint shop (fantasy, race, & drift styles), and a virtual magazine (which never really got off the ground). Ronin was a great idea, but too many chiefs/egos quickly killed the concept. Our paint shop split away and came back under the Deadlights banner once more where the ‘laid back’ philosophy of running the garage brought an instant calm to the craziness we left behind. Ronin Inc. quickly sank, never to return.

So here we are five; thats right five years later! We have dropped the gritty look, and kept the gloss. Over that half a decade we have been honored to be attached to so many new/old painters, tuners, photographers, and racers that did thier thing under the DL K banner. We have seen friends come and go, and some have returned as well. We have always left the door open with the welcome mat out. It’s an understanding with us all that when real life comes knocking, that comes first.

With Forza 5 around the corner we’ll meet challenges in running contests, etc. Some of us are staying on Forza 4 for a bit longer as well. But here’s looking at another five years of pumping positive vibes into the community.

Deadlights Members (Past/Present)

Dreadwalker73, DontCallMeBruce, D52088, Blonde Avenger, Adelad, greenphantom2, RELLIK 595, ZERO00769, Carbonfreon, Aj PUNISHER, PICKLEONASTICK, RDT SlimSean, Dr Satan II, KC Wolf 93, JayBee 1983, EastHarlem1, Rdt Fizano, Lucifers Axe, DJ Bakalakadaka, Respect it, Curry 3695, RDT SlyXIV, Sneaky, Screechymon, Master of Ewoks, Dragon Arts, LOSTGAMETAG, skyhauk, A1 Ray, Maidenmascot, EV1L W1LL R1S3, DABRANHAM, b8design, HTownSmugglerz, GOOG60, jimelwk 73, MauveNinja, Bigganomics, FTW Insanity, ONR Hypoxia, FAA LuGnUtZ86, TeeWiggs, Smokin Buddy, JAS FIVEZERO, Striker 2, Chevy 88, Sketchamus, Hotrod King87, IDoodle, vwdave 92, rockstof, Nightstalker II, HotLap Designs, Sketchamus, RJT625 62, BO JAFAR, BiiG Shadowz, Alcadrios, Sp1r1tofG0nz0, Doodley Squat, TGF Wolf Jr., Tagging Target, Skyy101 GR455, RDT MGA CUSTOMS, JazzGnat, RDT driftMoNkEy, RDTxJTPTx187, RDT Prime, RDT Sniperz, Dr Galaganogis, xTWCx, CrAzYKILLA **** , Andy6543, Overkill1579, SCRONE, ChUck FeArLeSs, Flip FDH, CHEDDARB0B279 & xHACHIKO


Video Games


Lightening Returns

RJT625 62

Watch Dogs


Fairytale Fantasies

RJT625 62



Little Mermaid

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Comic Books


Superman Batman Apocalypse


Black Cat



Christmas Jessica






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Scary stuff

Zipper face


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Holy mother of text walls. It looks good tho walker. Well the parts I read before my eyes went wonky. I’ll have to read it on the pc.

Edit, Cough, well now that I’m on my pc and can read what you actually wrote. I apologize for my lame ass comment about the wall of text. This obviously deserves better than me poking fun before I actually read it.

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A very cool insight into the history of this garage, glad I can be apart of its history, all that’s left is to rock on and paint something

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yeah this is def a very cool little read . roots!

now quit typing and paint something!!! :slight_smile:

Yeah what he said, you DLK guys always put out great stuff!

Interesting read. While I haven’t crossed paths with most of you, I have nothing to say but good thing about those paths I have crossed. Also nice to see another group that appears to do this for the fun and enjoyment and nothing more. Kind of why we decided to evolve Fat Pig Tuning and Design into Fat Pig Gaming. We all game together on so much more than just Forza, but Forza is where it all started.

Tag, I will be visiting this thread often! Nice history by DCMB

Figured its time to start painting again. Latest WIP Superman Batman / Apocalypse. WonderWoman

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lookin good dread

I figure I would come over to the “Dark Side” and see whats up with Xbone. Very nice Dread, cant wait to see more. Will be holding down the fort a little while longer on forza4 :wink: Will pop in from time to time to see what’s up with my mates.

key descrip deadlights

Excuse me but , what car is this? :confused: