Disappointing visuals at 1440p or 1080p

So I just started the game on my 7900xt 5800x3d system and my new 1440p monitor and the game looks frankly terrible. The new Taa anti-aliasing is clearly only meant to be used at 4k and anything under that is just a blurry, dull, noisy mess. So what’s the fix? Turning up the resolution scale and getting as close to 4k as your gpu will let you. At 1440p about 175% res scale should be 4k and at 4k without ray tracing, it runs great on the 7900xt, Anything under that will look doodoo and also cause a cpu bottleneck for me. So… first impressions ruined as per the usual on pc but at least they included the res scale option, but honestly that’s the bare minimum that they could’ve done. They should have given an msaa option and sharpening setting, but they make these games for their consoles, so who gives a heck about 1080p or 1440p gamers lol.

So… did yall just make this game for the series x or waaaaaaaa?


They should’ve removed the resolution selection and just forced a 4K viewport downscaled to whatever the target resolution was. Playing at 200% resolution scale at 1080p and things barely look sharp, dials in the dash are a blurry mess no matter what I do.

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They should say before you play “SHOULD ONLY BE PLAYED AT 4K” lol

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I got the higher options I can use except the scale, I play in 1440P with a 7800x3D and a 4070Ti and the game look like a bad need for speed from 2010… What the hell

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Its a huge oversight on their part… To think that not one person played pc with a typical pc resolution and couldn’t say (umm guys… dis look bad) is continuously baffling to me.

I justed grabbed my 4K60 display and tested it, the visuals look stunning as opposed to a smeary mess. It’s like they spent no time ensuring anything but the 4K visuals looked good.

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I have a Ryzen 3600 / RTX 2060 Super / 32GB RAM / fast SSD config. Although it’s not a NASA rig it’s more than OK for 1080p in most games. Assetto Corsa Competizione runs at 70-90fps with mostly high settings. FM7 is even faster.

This new game is a dull, blurry mess, looks like a PS2 game from 2007. I’ve tried many different settings but It looks much worse than FM7. Low-poly opponent cars, blurry shadows, dull reflections. I set high quality dynamic render and 60fps. The fps counter shows steady 60 but sometimes it feels choppy at pre-race animations and replays. I can hardly find words. Is this the new Forza Motorsport???

After playing an hour I’ve already uninstalled this junk of a software. Seriously, what they were thinking? I’m happy that I’ve waited for the game pass release and haven’t ordered the premium edition.

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Here’s the same view, first at 3840x2160 and then at 1920x1080, both running High render quality and Default dynamic optimization. Display resolution in Windows at to 3840x2160.

I guess the visuals are 4K or nothing at all.

Edit: things are still blurry on a 1080p display, massive screen resolution does not change the look.

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Holy smokes and what happened to the fps? My 7900xt is getting 80+ at 4k…

I didn’t bother with getting good FPS, I just grabbed the images. This is a Ryzen 7 7700 w/32GB DDR5-6000 and an RX 6700 XT, not a beefy system to say the least.

Edit: I typically run at 1080p60 Medium for racing to get a decent framerate.

For the stutters, I turned off raytracing and also turned on “vsync - unlimited” but obviously that doesn’t fix the rest of the issues. But resolution is definitely the main culprit, since when I set the remder scale to 175% ive had no pixelated shadow and ect.


I can actually run the game at 8k lol… 40+fps on a 7900xt