Different traction control settings for all cars (pls)

The other day I was doing a race in my sweet mustang and I couldn’t stay on the road cause of the lack of grip and to much speed and I even had my tires tuned to 100% grip and it felt like my car was completely break less. I would love a setting for traction control were you don’t have to go to the settings menu. So what I am saying is that for all the cars I want to have a single button to switch traction controls for all cars. I want a sport, comfort, off-road, trail, and just absolutely no traction control at all. I would prefer the right joy stick button for this control.

I feel like this is what the existing 2WD/4WD toggle should be expanded for - not only should significantly more vehicles have a selectable transfer case like they do in real life, but it’s increasingly common for vehicles to have adjustable suspension settings (whether 2WD or 4WD).

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Ya I think that being able to switch from 4 wheel drive and 2 wheel drive the same way as the traction controls is a good idea to but it needs to include an upgrade to enable it.