Did anyone else get a 250,000 Credits Reward?

Wondering if anyone else got a 250,000 Credit Reward from Forza today?
I have no utter idea what it is for, but received it today. Wondering why, not that I am complaining!

It’s for having the Forza Hub app on your console.

Thanks! Solves that mystery! I read about the new upcoming Forza Hub Upgrades, but missed the part about a reward.

You’re welcome.

Apparently it’s for upgrading the Forza Hub App. Won’t look a quarter million gift credits in the mouth eh…

Not complaining though!

Thanks T10!

Joining the new version of Forza Hub.

Nice - got 250K each for FH2 and FM5.

I got nothing :frowning:

I got the new version of Forza Hub. I will just wait and see. :slight_smile:

Lets be patient a bit longer. I haven´t recieved it either. I hope it still shows up.