Design & Paint/My Designs stuck on loading screen

On Xbox series X, for the last approx. 2 months I have not been able to access any of the car desins I saved in the Desisign & Paint/My Design section. Whenever I go into the My Design part to retrieve a saved design it goes into a loading screen that never goes away or at least until my patience is outlasted after 5-10 minutes

i am having the issue since hot fix 7.2 to fix game crashing after a race livery edtitor no longer works when i now go to paint etc it loads up try to do something game stutters then crash to dashboard and still crashing after some races they said this was fixed took their advice and reinstalled twice now still doing it…what now?..

Thought dad and I was the only one. Oh yea when selecting designs you click the one you want, but something else loads instead… when selecting glossiness for vinyls game crashes. Sometimes stuck in the paint for vinyl area when trying to exit. Where it says b to exit you press it and that bottom area of buttons and what they do disappears and your stuck trying to exit. Have to close game and restart.

Would it be possible to provide a video of this in action?