I need help

I downloaded a design for an s14 and tried to put it on the car and its after taking over half an hour and its still not done. Its not just that design I tried to put a design on a different a car and it took over half an hour and my Xbox froze. Can someone tell me how long it should take to get a design off the storefront onto a car?

Generally it onlh takes a few seconds to load a design onto a car. But the more designs you download, the slower it gets. So I can see it taking several minutes but not the 1/2 hr. That you stated. It could very well be a problem on the other end also since there seems to be a tremendous lag in the forums right now. Took about 20 minutes just to load your thread :frowning:

OK thanks I have about 10 designs downloaded I’ll delete some and try again

Ten designs is nothing, I’d be tempted to check your save file to see if anything is flagged as corrupt. I’ve probably got 100+ designs of my own and many more from the Sf. Nothing like the load times you’re experiencing.

I can’t really advise further than that but it might be something like that, which is causing your issue. Just be careful what if anything you delete. . .

If you find a problem, post up details & hopefully a techie person will see your post & advise the best way forward

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I checked and nothings corrupt and I have 180 GB free so I’m definitely not short on space

Is the game installed on your Xbox or running from disc? Just wondering if you’re running from the disc if that might be damaged/ scratched & the 360 is struggling to read a portion of it.

Failing that not sure what to advise - one of the moderators called snowowl is a bit of a technical whizz & may be able to offer other suggestions. He’s often in the fm4 discussion section - might be worth sending him a private message. As with any such issue try to include as much relevant info as possible, as this may help diagnose the problem.

Good luck