Design / Paint Achievements


Me and a friend tried to boost Community Design / Tune achievements, we each did 150 drag races a day and each recieved Badges / Medals for the use of our Designs / Tunes but after waiting a full day for a message we recieved nothing stating our designs and tunes had been used; when clicked on to view stats they show each has been used… Anybody have a solution? We just want to unlock these achievements!

You’ll need more than just your buddy sporting your design to earn credits. I don’t recall the limits, but you’re going to have to get more people to download and use your design.

According to everyone on True Achievements, it is the amount of races you use per design not downloads? So wouldnt 150 net me some type of message or payout? I recieved nothing in my inbox.

These achievements(design and tuning) are glitched it would appear as mentioned elsewhere in the forum.

I already made a topic a couple of days ago. The achievements are currently not obtainable due to an issue on Turn 10s side.

It doesn’t matter how many uses you got on the tune/design, you will never receive a reward.

Youre correct, I finally recieved a message (2) days in a row stating I had reached free lance status; I was hoping there would be a chance as some have unlocked this achievement on true achievements this past month within (5) days.

I’ve received the free lance design message every day for the last 6 months and have never received a single credit for my designs. It is such BS.

Not sure when this glitched out; this winter I’d picked up 11K credits and one of the 3 achievements. While it’ll be nice when it does get fixed, in the meantime I enjoy seeing the “freelance” note just about every day. I’ve also taken advice from more senior designers on this forum, and am learning to enjoy building my skills in a niche of the design world.