Deleting my questions?

Hi. I’ve posted roughly the same question twice here now regarding the loyalty rewards in FM 6. Both times the topic appeared in the forum and I could follow it. The next day everything is gone and they can’t be found under my topics… What’s up with this Turn 10?

Anybody made similar experiences?

NSA doesn’t want you to have answers

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You mean these two here that got moved into this topic on the same subject as you failed to use the search function to find something that has already been answered.


Using that kind of condescending tone you managed to make me both thankful for your answer and annoyed. I don’t find it that stupid to search for my own topics under “my topics” - but then again I might depend on people like you to understand the mysteries of internet forum use. Every foum needs people deperately on the mission to teach people to use the search function - even if the admis themselves don’t bother… But why not simply be friendly?

My answer was friendly, the friendly thing to do in the first place would have been to use the search function to find the answer to your question instead of creating 3 topics for it.

How is it exactly you would want me to be more friendly towards you? A internet high-five?