Deleted Topics

what on this god’s green earth was the reason this time for deleting my topic?! so i’m not allowed to get feedback and answers here?!

Hi Xymot666, I didn’t delete your thread, I merged it with the existing seasonal thread so I can track your feedback with the others. See the pinned Welcome Guide thread:

i just checked “My Topics” and it doesn’t show up. i need a solution to this problem that i posted about before the series ends.

If you mean this post:
We’re aware that users are having difficulty completing all series events, as referenced in the Treasure Hun, Min/Max Achievement, and Series progress thread pinned above. We hope to have info on that very soon.

If you mean a different post please DM me.

It would be helpful if ALL topics that were moved were actually marked as moved. I’ve had a couple of mine moved in the past with no icon showing that they had been. It just looked like they were deleted.

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