Where do I find tuners/painters that I've "followed"?

As above please, this is infuriating me!

Same please!

I agree 100% I have no idea where to find my tuners. The whole removal of SF was the biggest fail in the history of Turn 10. To this day I have no idea why you would get rid of one of your best features that made it so easy to find what you are looking for. Now a days you cant even get the info on half of the tunes you search for. The first 10 or so show info after that its 10 more with nothing at all. The biggest joke if you as me.


It was perfect in Forza 3 and 4.

Cheaters, glitchers or else? Find a solution, but don’t remove the best feature of Forza.

Since Forza 5 it’s a complete mess, even if you “follow” users.
If you want to find NEW liveries by other users you’re still not following, you have to scroll endlessly, even if you can search by keywords. You’ll find hundreds of ugly liveries (sometimes only with paint applied…some people just put a color and upload, unbelievable) because you can’t search by rating.

And this is the same for tuning setups.

Why are are not able to VOTE from 1 to 5 stars anymore? And why are not we able to SEARCH by the rating we want anymore?
All we can do since FM5 is “like” a livery/setup. If we don’t like (or it’s if absolute trash) we can’t do anything…

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Bump! T10, you have apparently added a feature with no way of accessing it?

Your followed tuners ; and painters show in recommend IF they tuned the car your looking for. My friends even if I haven’t followed also show.

I just spent the better part of the day Saturday- spending money on cars- and following tuners and buying tunes (well their upgrades).

Other then that you’ll have to keep your own list. (Sucks- but it’s the system we have) and I really believe it has to do with xbone— multiple games seem to have this issue to one degree or the other - think of PCARS lobby/ gameplay/ and user created lobby issues)

Thanks for that. Seems a really odd way to implement the feature, given they’ve managed it fine previously. Typical Forza, 2 steps forward, 1 step back.

Usually your tuners/painters will use a “search” word in the description for consistency.

On a related note I haven’t found a way to “sort” Tuning search results. The default sort order is “newest” but I would like to be able to sort by “Most Popular” as I can now do with Paints.

As it stands I’m having to go to Rivals Leaderboards and download tunes from there instead as there’s no other indicator of whether a tune I find is good or not.