Good suggestions. Unfortunately if there was a queue for this sort of stuff then you would be #3849592493739592849582959022. Theres a bit of a backlog ATM.


I’ll settle for a game with reasonably-behaved AI in solo races. Why not copy FM7’s AI drivers? Gets old really fast when constantly dealing with AI that rams, roadblocks, and has unlimited acceleration and horsepower.

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The AI should be based on actual FH5 devs/staff driver data or even rivals driver data, providing it’s verified and not not the cheat times. The AI vehicles should have the same limitations as the players in all areas. At least average Joe would have a fighting chance of winning.

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The Ai cars don’t use real physics, so they would have to be re-written to use real physics first. The easiest fix is just to limit the Ai to the player top speed-5mph, and acceleration, and not have the hidden rubber banding.

The AI should use the same physics that players cars have to adhere to real world FH5 physics and not be able to plough through walls at full speed without slowing down and not having supersonic speed when behind…or in front!

Yeah right. Like if you can just copy/paste the physics of players to the AI :stuck_out_tongue: some of you are so lost.

Are you an idiot? Surely you can understand that if YOUR car slows down when you hit a wall, it must be programmed for it to happen right? Therefore the same programming should apply to the AI.

What you fail to understand is, that is not AI. So, maybe im not the “idiot” after all.
And btw, that already happens at least in cross country. Not to the point that is very noticeable, but it does… so.

What people ask for the AI is to have actual AI, when DRIVING. If you start slowing down the AI in every frikkin obstacle, the game will be a joke in two days.

Well you can do that, it would just slow the game down a lot. Then you have to optimize what you have.

Rubber banding in Horizon games should be banned (excuse the unintended nearly-pun). :slight_smile:

I think it’s a great idea, let’s list small, car-oriented issues that drive people crazy.

  • slick tires leave the same skid marks as treaded tires
  • in-car displays usually show nothing or random time
  • not all active aero is simulated (looking at you P1)
  • the engine & exhaust note on corvette family also applies to ferrari 488 / Pista / Portofino / J50. Now 488 and J50 sound great, in FH4 it was pista and portofino
  • launch control making no sense at all
  • mismatched trim / colorway combinations apply to many many cars
  • 4wheel steering, still not convinced it is simulated at speed
  • red hot brake rotors are now strangely simulated, especially visible on porsche models across the board (including panamera)

One thing that I think they have fixed and was super annoying was the dash / steering wheel LED gear change indicator that was not in sync with real RPMs, ie. it was flashing red when car still had 3k RPMs to use. Now it seems to be better synced

You at least added “Please”. lol… these fanboy kids…