Define "Horizon Tour"

“Complete a Horizon Tour”

I just finished the Colossus. Nothing. Seriously? WTF is a “Horizon Tour”?

Look for the big icon on the map with that name. It’s a type of co-op event where you do three races in a team with other players, against a team of AI.

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It’s another way of saying “The Trial” except the only thing you win is FP (once). :stuck_out_tongue:

is it unbeatable AI just like the Trial?

As I understand it the A.I are set to highly skilled for all online races other then the trial.

you are correct!

Its a 6V6 player vs AI, head over to this icon, and join it, event swaps every 120s or so

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Just completed it. S1 class in modern super cars doing dirt racing. My team won 3-0 without too much trouble.

I’ve found them pretty simple, but time consuming - the basic premise, you run a race just like the trial, but the AI is a lot more relaxed (so far) – then afterwards they fast-travel all of you to some random point on the map, and have you all drive some fifty thousand miles (in the opposite direction than what the fast-travel dropped you, of course) – and then when you get there, they fast travel you all to the next race. Yay.

I had one yesterday where we had to drive 10 miles… culminating in a slow crawl up the mountain or volcano or whatever you call it. Ugh.

And yep, then more loading… and baked-in delays… ZZZZzzzzzzzzz…

It’s my most played online mode ever, very fun

It is just a little reminiscence to the good old Forza Horizon 2 where you have to do Car-Tours through France/Italy after every 4 race championship to the next choosed place of events.

But there was complaining at Forza Horizon 2 for that being in the game as complaining at Forza Horizon 3 that PG took that out of the game. Like it is in modern times, the horror of the ones are the joy of the others…