Horizon Tour vs Horizon Open

Watching this recent FH5 stream, they’ve basically talked through what both of these are and it sounds like they’re both the same thing? What’s the deference? I feel like I’m missing something…

Horizon Tour is co-op PvE races with downtime between each race for cruising. Horizon Open replaces the online adventures, and is PvP.

horizon tour is basicaly ‘‘the trials’’ event and horizon open is online adventure

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If you played NFS Heat, Tour sounds like a lot of the multiplayer in there. You do races co-op:ly against mediocre AI from the open world and then dash to the next race location on the map to do it over again. I really like it actually and am excited to try Tour out. Could be very chill experience.

Basically what I thought. The slight difference is the co-op competing against AI. But similar to Adventure, where you finish a race and then drive to the next race and compete in that. (At least that’s what I remember, been a while)