Dead console just 2 weeks shy of the new one, just my luck

Played FH4 Saturday evening and then on Sunday even “dead” along with long line of banable words. What happen is, the controller would not turn the console on. Had to touch the console, it beeps and lit comes on but then it goes off. Same with the power brick also, goes from orange to white and then back to orange. I grabbed my son’s power brick and same thing, put my brick on his console and works.

Good thing wally world sells refurbished 500g consoles with a 30 return policy to the store because the Series X want be ready till Nov. 10th. Kinda like a free 2 week loaner program.

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Sounds like an abuse of the returns policy tbh.


Can’t recall exactly but when mine went on the blink it was basically the same as what yours is doing. Took it in to be repaired as it still had warranty and the guy (don’t quote me) said it was either the heat paste on the processor (not enough used when they produced them) or it was the power supply fan.

I’m pretty sure it was the processor paste scenario though…about 2 dollars to fix.

Anyway, it’s been back up and running beautifully for ages now with no problems.

Lucky i had an Xbox X to mess about with too :slight_smile:

Tuesday morning the darn thing turned on and updated. I’m part of the preview team so it updates a lot. Changed the power settings to never turn off, going to let it set on 24/7 until the Series X arrives.