Just wanted to say thanks to Turn 10 for bringing Daytona into Forza. I’ve been waiting for a long time to see the track make it into Forza and I’m really excited to finally see it in the game coming September.


Absolutely. And, barring the absence of the infield, it’ll give us another real-world endurance circuit to run.

Daytona is such a great track. I played it before in GT5 and GT6. It was amazing! I can’t wait for Forza 6! Keep the tracks coming Turn 10!

I just raced Daytona at night for the first time!!! Words can’t describe how epic it was!!!
This game truly is a must have for all racing fans!

I have not tried that yet. It is the next race in the series I am doing so maybe tonight when I get home I’ll run it. I have been waiting for that for awhile now. Now why don’t we have stock cars??? I know licensing issues I think EA has the rights to Nascar right now. It would be nice to have them though.

try useing the v8 super cars from austrailia. the steering wheel will be on the wrong side but it should be close if you use a hood or chase view.

EA no longer holds right to Nascar, Eutechnyx had it for awhile and now DMi games has the Nascar license. They are working on an all new game for next year. ARCA cars would be cool to have in Forza 6, they are old pre COT cup cars.

It was a pretty awesome feeling, having actually been to the daytona track many times over the years…it was pretty awesome rolling into the first banked turn and having the feeling that I was actually there. Definitely an awesome track.

Reminded me of Sunset Peninsula. Kinda confirmed my thoughts years ago that it was as close to Daytona as we could get back then. But it is so nice to see Daytona around!

What FORZA needs is the TRANS AM series cars…from ALL the years…and also the new DAYTONA PROTOTYPE cars… That , would be awesome.