Day one edition Bonus Content Car Pack

So, I have the VIP and I also bought my game day one. I have used the code that came inside the metal cased container. It says I should have them but i don’t. I have contacted MS and they have confirmed this and that I have used the code correctly… I did receive the tokens and can get the Raptor SVT without it being DLC tagged. Any ideas?

Did you get the DLC code? As they wont appear until you use the code. As I redeemed my Forza 5 Day One cars and then I was able to purchase them.

I’m pretty sure I did. If I didn’t where would I find it, besides in the case as my son has had his way with it. Would it be available on my receipts from gamestop maybe? I do remember that I tried to use the code on one of my day one games and it wouldn’t work. Is there a list of day one edition cars that i can find to look in the garage to buy?

Here’s an overview of the Day One cars:

They’re listed as separate car models in Buy Cars and the Rent list. The Day One Audi is the TT.

The Forza Motorsport Audi R8 is not a Day One car, it’s a separate DLC:

So I see all of these cars available in my garage, but none of them have the day one paint schemes on them. Are they actually the day one cars?

The Day One cars are duplicate models to ones that are available to everyone. If you have the Day One pack installed, you’ll see a factory paint 2010 Audi TT RS Coupe plus a Day One paint 2010 Audi TT RS Couple.

Great, so who do I contact for not having these for some reason?

Before contacting anyone, go to your console dashboard Store and select Add-Ons for FM5 to see if you have added the pack, and if so, select it to see if “Install” is an option. If you have the original box, the Day One Edition is marked on the cover art as Day One. There should have been a card with the code on it. If you attempted to use it, maybe Xbox has a record, see if they can investigate:

Ok thanks man

I just checked the add ons, no day one car pack. I wonder if this is a waste of my time or not.

You mention the R8 but you then mention Day One. The 2010 Audi R8 is not a Day 1 car, it was the car given by T10 to people that had their Xbox email flagged to accept advertisements.

I have a LCE so I got the day one pack when I entered my code for the LCE. How did non LCE owners unlock their content? Was it on a card included with their purchase , is it tied to the Day 1 Console?

I have no idea, I also have the LCE and don’t have the day one cars. The only reason I even found it out was I was looking for

You did activate your LCE by inputting the code or letting the Kinect scan the bar code, correct? Under my addons screen I have listed FM5 VIP Membership and FM5 Bonus Content. I think the FM5 Bonus Content is where the Day 1 is because I don’t have a specific Day1 Car Pack listed however I do have access to those cars. You are looking at the Buy Cars screen and not your garage, right? You still have to use credits to purchase the Day 1 cars, they aren’t gifted.

I have the VIP but not the Bonus. If I recall correctly I scanned it an it was invalid for whatever reason. I tweeted Turn10, but I still haven’t heard from them.

That’s weird because the LCE is a single code so you would think if it was invalid it wouldn’t have awarded you the VIP content either. I had such an issue getting my LCE stuff in the game so I’m just covering the basics. Neither T10 nor Microsoft were much help. I had VIP content in the game but under my add-ons section I did not have VIP nor the Bonus Pack. At the recommendation of a PM on my Xbox what I ended up having to do to activate my LCE was to first go into the Store. Don’t just select Forza 5 use the search function and search: “Forza”. That will bring up all available content for Forza5. I then selected VIP Membership and chose install. This pushed it to my addons section where the VIP and the previously absent Bonus Content were there waiting to be installed. The only thing I think that could have interfered with it on my end was that I purchased the LaFerrari pack before the install of the game was completed and before I activated my LCE so the LaFerrari car pack was kinda stuck in limbo trying to install but never it would. Once I managed to “force” the VIP and Bonus install through the store, the LaFerrari was able to resume. Maybe that’ll help

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Ok, after doing some more research and contacting Xbox via 18004myxbox, I have found that yes I did use the code on day one and yes it is the correct card/code to be able to have the Day One Edition content, however I do not have the content in my garage or even the ability to buy it. I do see all of the cars in my garage that are LCE content and they do not have the DLC symbol about them, the Bugatti, SVT Raptor ect. I checked my games and apps section and see the VIP Membership is installed, but I do not see another install or even the ability to download the supposed Bonus Content. I’m not to sure where to go from here. Microsoft said that since I have redeemed the correct code and yes it was on this account and xbox one, that I should have the correct content and they can do nothing else for me and will have to refer me to Turn 10 to get this issue resolved via this forum and a email address to Turn 10 which I have yet to receive from Xbox Support. Anyone else have any other ideas? I mean none of these cars are leaderboard cars, but I feel like I’m getting hipped here and paid for something I don’t have.

I realize the R8 isn’t a Day One Edition car and there are only 3 cars, Just FYI.


hey people i was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem i got the game brand new last sunday used the code card to get the day one cars
and i still have no day one cars and not sure what i have to do now

i hope someone can help

Have you gone to your DLC screen for that game and installed them? The code just down loads them.