Dangers of Early Access

There is a worrying trend starting to develop in games now.

EA showed it at E3, Peter Moore talks about the benefits of their EA pass as being good value for money because they offer early access to games.

Now Microsoft/Turn 10 are doing it with Forza 6.

The standard game is £49.99
The ultimate edition is £81.99

The standard edition is out a whole week after the ultimate version. The ultimate version is under the guise of ‘early access’. But you are really paying a premium for to play the game on release day with standard version being delayed purely for profit. Granted you do get other DLC and a season pass with this, but not every wants DLC. I just want to play the game with my friends on release day.

This is worrying because this may become a thing with future releases of big titles.

I know this wont happen but I recommend as many people as possible boycott the ultimate version and just buy one of the other versions.

If people buy the ultimate version, the publishers will just see it as proof people are happy & willing to pay for this type of thing which will then cause it to happen on all major releases. This title is one week which doesn’t seem that bad but what happens when it becomes a month or more. This is worse than micro transactions and needs to stop now.

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If find it very worrying to see someone post the same opinion in 3 different threads in the last hour and still not honestly comparing his opinion with the opinions of others and how the industry uses the same mechanism elsewhere.

To repeat myself: you are incorrect; people that cannot / will not pay premium still get the game on the official release-date. Owners of the ultimate edition get a week headstart. The same with the EA Vault; if you pay premium for being EA Vault Member, you get a week headstart on new games while the rest of the world still get the games on official release day. The same goes for Steam Early Access where some people are attributing to. Or a game like Project CARS where you could pledge, let’s say, $150 for an upstart game with the promise you would eventually get the finished version (which was delayed several times on the console and is already on patch 4 in under 2 months).

You also forget that the Ultimate Version has a 6-pack Car Pass where you would normally pay roughly $5/pack. So, thats $30 saved already. Ultimate also grants you access to exclusive VIP-events; I for one love doing the VIP events in FM5 and spending 20H or maybe 30H during the course of 6 months on special events, makes the purchase worthwhile for me as well.

So, you want a week earlier access but no DLC, no VIP, no extra events, no extra other freebies? I would almost say: start a Xbox User Voice topic to make Microsoft tell publishers to separately offer everything in small transactions so you can buy the game as YOU want it and not how it is convenient for millions of others to buy “as a package”.

/edit: so if the early access seems to have MAJOR issues and the publisher is able to make a good patch for “official release day”, wouldn’t you be happy that the suckers that paid tooo much money are basically guineapigs for the rest of the gamers for testing the game “for free” for a week and already have submitted enough data to the publisher for new/upcoming fixes/patches?


Micro-transactions!?!?! Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!



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Or you are paying a premium for added content and also getting the benefit of playing a week before everyone else that doesn’t want to spring for that content.

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I fail to see what the additional cost is for early access. Seems like it’s more of a tool to sweeten the deal on buying the ultimate edition for those already on the fence about prepaying for unreleased car packs.


I don’t particularly like DLC but I understand why its there and why they charge for it. The VIP thing is annoying also as you need to get that to get the full game. I understand season passes but I don’t buy them as they aren’t worth the cost.

Project Cars is a crowd funded game and I am fine with that model. Even Steam early access I understand but I would personally never pay for a beta or pre-alpha. These titles are usually cheaper than a full price game though.

But high profile releases like this starting it is too far, this isn’t a beta or a crowd funded game. It is the same game people will get a week later. And if it sells it will become the norm for high profile releases and other publishers will start it. It is a premium to get the game at release. Don’t fall for the value for money or early access nonsense, this is purely to force people to buy the more expensive product. It is not good for the gaming community. If the game can make that date why is the standard version a week later? I have always got Forza games on release day and i usually buy there VIP edition but looks like I either have to wait another week or pay an extra £20.

I cannot fathom the hand wringing going on because of the thought that someone got into the game a week before you did? I just don’t get it.

If it’s that huge a deal, just convince all of your friends not to, and you’ll all be together at once.
Better odds of that than convincing Microsoft that their marketing teams totally bonkers wrong and they need to change it all before September.

My opinion is I’ll get the ultimate pack for the other reasons listed above, not the early access.
Real life IS out there.

Google it.

Yeah, except I was planning on buying the ultimate edition before I knew it included early access or the free FH2 DLC so the week early is obviously not the main thing you are buying… If playing a few days earlier is worth $40 to you, more power to you, but if that’s all you got, there’s no way I would even consider it. It, like with EA Access, is a thrown in bonus, not the main thing you are paying for. Buy the full version or get over it.

Before I state my opinion on this matter, let me just say I’m in no way affiliated with MS Studios or Turn 10. That being said, I don’t see anything wrong with them granting early access to those that paid for the ultimate edition. When it comes down to it, they are giving people options and options are always good. It’s nice to see them giving early access to those who purchase the Ultimate edition on top of the VIP pass and car pass. I understand there are those that would love the early access without the extras that come with the Ultimate edition, but that’s just the way it’s bundled. I for one will be buying the Ultimate edition this year digitally as I’m slowly starting to embrace the new “digital” era.

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^ +1 Would I pay 40$ just for early access? Hell no!!! I’m getting the ultimate edition for all the extra content, content I know I would be paying for later anyway. Early access is just a bonus. I would get the ultimate edition even if it wasn’t included.


I’m sorry to say OP - I might buy it. I think you have a fair point. And I’m not really thrilled with lack of dynamic night/day cycles and weather, but I’ve still enjoyed all of the Forza games so I will definitely buy FM6. I may go for the extra content and I won’t protest the “early access”

I agree with your point though. If they can release the game a week early to as many people who buy this deluxe edition, why can’t the release the game to everyone at this time. I can’t think of any reason except to reward those for paying more. What the heck though… it’s only a week. Think of it as an additional reward to the Forza Fans that want everything!

It’s a little confusing because additional content is include, so to simplify things let’s look at a hypothetical “early access only” deal:

USD$60 for Sept 15 + USD$20 for Sept 10
GBP£50 for Sept 15 + GBP£12 for Sept 10

How one feels about it depends entirely on point-of-view…

I could say:

  • “I don’t like having to wait 5 days, unless I pay the extra fee…”
  • “Oh cool - I can pay extra and get to play 5 days early…”
  • “Hmmm - if I can wait 5 days to play, I save myself $20 / GBP£12…”
  • “If I wait a few months to play, I can almost certainly get it bundled, on sale, used, or otherwise discounted…”
  • “If I wait a year to play, I may get ALL the DLC included in a much cheaper package price…”
  • “Or, if I don’t buy it at all, and don’t buy a console, I can save a whole bunch of money!”

Point of view…


UK price is + £32 for the version with early access, no +£12.

The base price of a console video game hasn’t increased in approximately eight - ten years and there doesn’t appear to be an increase in the immediate future. In response, developers and publishers have been looking for alternative means of enhancing their revenue streams like DLC, micro-transactions and now early access. It’s part and parcel of the future of video games.

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I think there has always been a discount on video games if you are willing to wait. I can probably get Forza 5 right now for less than the $60 it would have cost a year ago. Just like I can also get a XBox One now for a lot cheaper than when I purchased it a year or so ago. I knew that the price would eventually drop, but I still bought it.

The difference is they are now announcing the price drop ahead of time. Personally, I would get the Ultimate edition either way, so it’s a no brainer for me.

I don’t begrudge a company trying to make money; it’s kind of the entire point of a corporation. When that company provides less value than they charge, I’ll stop buying.

I feel the ultimate edition is a bargain at $99 USD. As I am a Forza junkie I would fork out dubble that for this game I’ve got my moneys worth ten times over for FM4 and FM5. This game is actually about $50 cheaper then what I have invested in FM5 so I’m stoked.

Quit crying because some of us don’t mind paying more for perks and more content.


Honestly I would prefer more games took to a model like this. If you look at major releases of games that have some type of online component, release date is a hodge podge of connection issues. If a gamer loves the game so much they are springing for Ultimate/Collector editions, it would benefit the community to allow those gamers a slight head start. Not only are they paying for extra content before they have even played the game, they are supporting a dev they trust in making a game they aren’t going to regret purchasing in a weeks time. The devs allowing them a week earlier access is; one, a nice way to say thank you for trusting us (dev), two, a good way to lessen server load before the actual release date, and three an incentive to the dev to create better games and collector editions to draw in more people to purchase these higher priced titles.


If you add up all the goodies tossed in isn’t the price comparable to buying everything separately? The early access isn’t even factored in is it?

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Standard game = $59.99 USD
VIP = $19.99 USD
Car Pass = $24.99 USD

Total = $104.97 USD (thanks for the spot :wink: )

These are ALL items that I want in FM6, and I get those with the Ultimate version (at a ~$5 USD discount).

I want VIP for the VIP cars and access to the VIP Rivals (rivals is one of my favorite pars of the game), not to mention the doubled race earnings and VIP gift cars.

I want the Car Pass because I want access to all of the cars.

TBH, I wasn’t even aware that I am also getting (I pre-ordered Ultimate earlier this week) a 5-day head start in-game until I read this thread, so that was not even a consideration for me.

If you don’t agree with their pricing, then don’t buy it. No one is forcing you to buy Deluxe, Ultimate, Car Pass or VIP. You still get FM6 at the $59.99 USD price point (with the 10-year anniversary car pack) and you will receive the same day one tier rewards as the other Forza players at your tier level and with the same Forza history whether they payed $59.99, $79.99 or $99.99 for FM6. The only difference in the Day 1 rewards regardless of tier level is Past VIP status (VIP for FM5 and FH2 will get you two additional cars in FM6). On top of that, if you played FM4, FM5 and FH2 (regardless of car packs or VIP) you will get a FM6 day one gift car for each of the three games you’ve played.

IMHO, they are really taking care of the community at ALL levels with the release of FM6. At the end of the day, this is a business, and they want to make money. Are they gouging prices? I have no idea, but I do know that going to see a movie costs me $12 USD (thats for ~2 hours of crowded frustration -or- $6 per hour of entertainment). Compare that to the fact that I’ve invested over 50 hours in FM5 and WAY more than that in FM4. At $99.99, that’s $0.50 USD per hour of entertainment (and that price goes down the more I play).