Forza 6 Early Birds

So, this is basically supposed to be a list of the nerds who are willing to pay the extra money to play the game early. Here in the US, you can play on Sept. 10th if you pay $100 for the Ultimate Edition, instead of waiting until the 15th to pay $60 for the Basic Edition or $70 for the Deluxe Edition. For me, I had to debate with myself a little bit before deciding to get the Ultimate Edition. In the end, the extra $30 is worth being able to play almost a week early. So, if you are getting the Ultimate Edition (or whatever it may be called in your region), let us know who you are & when you’ll be getting on. Who knows, if enough people want to play early, perhaps we can get some sort of Online Launch Party put together so us nerds can have some much needed social interaction. I’ll keep this list updated so no one is left out. Also, if anyone is arranging any sort of Launch Party, feel free to let us know.

Update - IT’S OVER 200!!!
If you’re an Early Bird & don’t see your name on the list (or see “Unconfirmed” next to your name), just squawk & we’ll welcome you to the flock. Ornythological references GO!

Early Birds
PoS Nameless SweedishThunder L0CK3D
RPM Swerve H0VA v2 sgsuperman
IceMan PJN Apoc112 CarlsonsRaiders
PJMikk85 Zeem Frostmaw CVG23
TRG wacky gt Wh1t3Kn1te LegendaryDrumr
ShadowChaser36 Binurah ManteoMax
NC SP33DY Nights Viper DeathMetalRacer
BrutusCh33zcake Amused2Death 66 GR1M RACER
SlipZtrEm VerrucktSchakal KoentjeXXL
juggalo1987 Ma5hED GURK3NS3PP
o DJ Premier o mrstepanov Duda Bastos
G00N PLAT00N PandaE36 OrenIshii BE
EvilRT72 DrumsSlayer F4H Dixon
Yu Tai Mai Shu XCELRATE Violent D 78
TheSagaris 458 Luiz Bley Bigg Lou55
Sutore M4dd Dogg7 GingaNinjaUNC
CorruptedBomb Radiate On You Shutrbug
SamusGirl EvilRT71 EMPTYJ4H34D
KO771 emoprhien rl21856
Vrruumm xDeaDxCriMinalx WHY Y0U MAD BRO
vl00dh0und9 R Deranged itsnirishthing
DJ Demonic13 EZT MAKO 6669 NikonHD
EpicEvan777 Speed Runner 10 Outlier
whitemanLS1 Tha CGS xboxgamer969
RaceVetZR1 Gunishment GR TheSTIGs C0USIN
x Shuffle SC5 Skreamies DriveForza
MSC HAT3R Shadow Chaser36 callmeJackz
ZEROF0RCE SlickMoney Cron13
Razhuul ax3l blackhart Mr Willbertsin
vSidewayzDriftz Mr FSCA RACING Savage One21P
Neverender123 FaceInTheCrowd nismosteve
Coastamar TrackDayKC tr2008gti
Nyx2000 SP01LED JAM1E PlatinumGTI
StupidFlanders1 bhoy67 The Bolt 76
The CHBK syn bone RJB63
EMW Raul MOStateSuperman Apprentice Satan
Bubby75 Borders Basher mcdaddy86
uber understeer TORNADORial Aerialight
DJ Varanzano Touc KalBoyd
JimhSnr EMW Radicus TheOnlyix
gresnik DeliriumBlades ApocalypsJJ
DOSE ROCKS Dribbly Midget xBGHY
Flow i360 lowk3y Servant of Hell
bosefusthedon IR Madman Chivalry
Bertly83 Griff Vulture Cuzzo20
Adventfire ChezUK ChubbiestGuide4
McFuu zdmetal NhraRacer
IdleSquirrel XDoubleXA TheOtherGuy SWE
wheely 2 ferverea one Damon907
Dewstain NinjaTurtlexxxx Lippi 78
HLR Ghosty HLR Toffo FatalP3rfection
korbinianix Wo1f 08 D SILVARU
Makman43 fastford16 TWEEDERTWEEK
Rabbit0317 Road Raider SwissMideArt
Sleestak714 Lou Slugnits Outlaw9355
accuforcewheel1 godzirra sti GamerBlades
Belgarion64 the sVig Cru Thik
GRD 4 3L kelvin46 Tiny Hyena
JEWnior Cobra DrowsyHorse harms2012
oscarolim MN Koshiro ZappiestTea0278
Tassadar 1337 MyMonstrosity mattsa889
JuiceyDangler LivDoug Wise84
FuBaRWales OCD REX r27albundy


I plan on getting the Ultimate edition for early access, but I have to check that it won’t ruin my budget for bills and food first. I’m 95% certain that I’ll be playing at 13:01 UTC on September 10, but I could let you know for sure once my preorder has been submitted.
SweedishThunder - Sweden.

EDIT: I just pre-ordered the Ultimate. I’ll see you on September 10! Or when I have shared some designs… :wink:

  1. The Ultimate Edition is only available digital and will unlock WORLDWIDE at the exact same time!

  2. You don’t pay the extra money for the “early release”. You pay it for the carpass!

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I’m a little surprised how quickly people have responded to this. Looks like it’ll be a good early bird launch!

Oh, and it’s time for some random nonsense…

Yeah?! Well…NYAH! It’s easy to make me look stupid, but you can’t catch the Gingerbread Man!
The Gingerbread Man

Is there any source for this? Officially on the UK Store page it only says you get to play the Ultimate Edition ‘Before 15th September’.

If it’s been confirmed somewhere that all regions get early access on the 10th, I really want to see it. Manteo’s FAQ doesn’t really say how he knows that exact detail.

I preordered Ultimate edition. I’m in Toronto, Canada(EST). I typically play single player or rivals just for the first few days to build up cars and get used to new tracks offline and then I’ll only play multiplayer after that and some occasional rivals sessions. This time I might jump straight into MP on day one though.


I preordered the ultimate edition for the car pass. Based on the car list so far, I’m thinking the car pack will have mostly brand new cars and the new ones added for the most part will interest me.

Doesn’t hurt either that the game is releasing when I’m at financial peace for once. 'Tis a good year and even better for gaming.

I’ll be setting #1’s all day on leaderboards with a handful of times. That’s them launch day skillz yo. Lol


You know whats what…

And then, everyone will copy that build…

And then, you find a faster build…

And then, everyone will copy that build…

And then,…

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I’ve got the Ultimate Edition preordered. I’ve also taken the 10th off from work.

I’m all in.

i got it and I’ll be sick that day lol


Pre ordered and ready to play. Gonna be doing a twitch stream leading up to it playing Horizon 2 and FM5 then cranking out a few hours of FM6 before going to work (if I cant manage to get Wednesday off for “personal reasons”).


I didn’t pay extra for early access. I paid for VIP and car pass. Early access was just a free bonus.



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I’m in as well. Early access was actually pretty big selling point for me. My wife is heading out of town on the 10th and that’s 5 precious days of sweet, sweet game time.


I pre-ordered my copy of the Ultimate Edition for the Car Pass and VIP mostly (been a VIP every game since FM3), but the early access is a welcome bonus that I’m not complaining about.


I got the early access, but I remember for FH2 there were VIP issues the first days of it. Hopefully they’ve ironed out all the bugs.

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I need to clean up and flesh out the FAQ tonight, but I got this from the UK Xbox Store page:


sweet this means i can have a lie in then food and just in time for 13.01 to stay up and play the game :slight_smile:

i’m a early bird nerd! lol so if someone wants to add to play go ahead. Need some new forza peeps anyway.

U.S. (Central)

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They must have changed the description, because it definitely didn’t say that when I made my pre-order. But that’s about as assuring as it can get. =) Thanks.

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