Daily Forzathon Challenges Resetting!

Anyone else experiencing this?

For a while now the “Daily Challenges” on the main map are resetting after travelling to either of the DLCs and then back to the main map again.

Thought I was going mad at first, but just tried by completing the 3 mainland dailies and travelling to FI and completed them also. Travelled back to main map and all three are showing as uncompleted.

So much so that that the “Complete 7 Daily Challenges” is already gold after one day.

Also the 20 FPs available for each challenge are claimable again after they go back to uncompleted status.

Small benefit for some I suppose, but I like to see everything “Golded” and stay “Golded”!

Has no-one else had this happen then?

Yes, known issue since the last update. See https://forums.forza.net/turn10_postsm1118192_posts.aspx#post_1118192 , other responses in that thread, and a few other dedicated threads around.

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It is a common issue, jump to the island or Lego and the daily challenges get messed up.
You can do them again get points again.
Sometimes it does the same for the week thing.

yep experienced this along with a bunch of other things since the updates.I see parts in the road(wheels,brakes etc) like the car took off and left them behind also see npcs disappear and appear out of nowhere syncing issues also.Sometimes end up under map during forzathon also sometimes hit something that don’t exist.Notice any of that alongside the dailies?

It’s an annoying glitch. Does anyone know of a workaround? Hopefully they’ve addressed it in update 13. Until then, I’ll just be sure to take care of the Expansion Seasonal tasks before anything else.

Do all the expansions stuff first
Then stay on the mainland the rest of the week
As a few friends of mine have been doing for over 2 months now

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For two weeks I got only non-VIP point counts. Is it part of this bug too? I don’t care too much but it’s interesting. My VIP status changed yesterday so I needed to reinstall it but FPs are still 10 for a challenge.

Oh geez this again…it’s a different issue
Go back an rebuy the VIP house as some people have had to do with almost every update…should be free and most likely get 5 superspins as well
This has been said so many times it’s not funny any more


LOL, thanks, bro! I play much less now so I don’t know every current bug :smiley: But I heard about the VIP house bug a lot here few months ago… but it’s fixed, right? I haven’t had it before.

I’ve tested the bug over in this thread: https://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst156601_Daily-challenges-stuck-on-Forzathon.aspx

There are different daily challenges available in the DLC than on the mainland. When you travel back and forth, they keep getting reset, but your FP and playlist completion never decrease. So yes, it looks like a bug, but the impact to the player base is minimal. In fact, you could farm it for extra FP, unless they patch it in today’s update.

Yeah, it should be fixed now. I don’t need any FP so I play for Playlist only and it worked. I was a bit confused because the game is not new and many things are broken :smiley: