Daily challenge beat any ghost rival

I did 4 today and the challenge is still active, my friend has the same problem. Are there some rules I have overlooked?

Try restart game

Just beat the rival on a circuit type event. For some reason point to point events don’t work for some.

I’m not aware of any known issue for this challenge but I had the same lack of result after one lap in a C Class road circuit where I beat a flagged time and exited without taking on the next rival. Then I went to D class rivals and did some circuits, both single lap and flying lap and now see I completed the challenge - and I haven’t rebooted.

See if doing a flying lap on a circuit works.

Mine triggered on the Monthly Rival.

Plenty of reports on reddit about players having problems with this one. People are saying the only circuits work.

I haven’t tried it yet myself.

Yes, it’s bugged. Because of course it is. Only circuits work. At least it worked for me.

I did the monthly rivals one earlier and looks like it popped this as well.

Yup, I tried a drag event and it didn’t trigger so then did a circuit event that trigged it.

I did mine on a circuit near the stadium (not Los Jardines; Tierra Prospecta, I think), although the game made me do some extra lapping before it acknowledged that I’d defeated my rival.

I did 2 laps just to be safe and it unlocked. Cross country circuit.

Yeah you have to do it in a circuit race, I just chose any class that had a really slow rival did 1 lap and it completed straight away after I pressed a on race next rival to back out.

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Street Race Rivals didn’t work for me. Also A clean lap win over a dirty lap on Road Races didn’t work - It looks like you need to beat a ghost on the road (which is what it says in the description) which worked straight away on Los Jardine Circuit.

Completed one short lap on the volcano summit circuit (top-middle of the map) in a ‘C’ class vehicle.Took just over 1 minute, (no rush & a clean lap too) and unlocked the daily challenge.
Thankfully the previous lap time record for that particular class was 34 minutes. Sweet.