Cycled Division is getting stale.

So, I’ve been mainly playing FM7 Cycled Division multiplayer hopper, and I’ve got to tell Turn 10 that it’s gotten so stale, repetitive, and downright stupidly annoying. I can overlook Nascar as one of the divisions, but off-road buggies division? That division is even more annoying to race, especially with the great tracks that they race on. I think everyone who plays cycled division would agree that you should take away that division from the cycle. You should replace it with the early touring car division (an extremely rare division that shows up!). Also you should change up the division and what course they should race on. Make each division race on relevant courses, like V8 Supercars on Bathurst, 90’s grand prix at Spa, FE on city circuits, and let Class 10 and all truck divisions race on your made up (seriously those tracks are so bumpy, they’d be in their element.

Here’s my full suggestion for a revamp of the cycled division lobby by course(some may overlap with what already exists or exists in singleplayer, will include two or three divisions for some courses, and will list tracks that don’t seem to be in the current rotation.):

Bathurst - Early sport touring, V8 Supercars

Bernese Alp:
Festival - Forza Group Rally
Stadtplatz - Forza Trophy Trucks
Club - Vintage Off-roaders
Festival R - Historic Road Racing
Stadtplatz R - Track toys
Club R - Sport compacts

Brands Hatch:
GP - Forza 70’s, GT Racing Reborn
Indy - Vintage Sport Coupe, Sport Compact Icons

GP - Hypercar, Forza GT
National - Track Toys, Sport Luxury
Club - Vintage Sport Compact

GP - Forza P1, Indycar
West - Early Sport Touring, Nostalgic Road Racing
East - Vintage GT, Sport Compact

Sports Car - Early Prototype Racing, Forza P2
Short - Vintage GT racing, Birth of GP
Tri-oval - Nascar, Supercars Championship

Full - Forza Touring Cars
City - Birth of GP
Mountain - Showroom Rally
City Alt - Nostalgic Drag Racers
Full R - Modern SUV
City R - Off-road Buggies
Mountain R - Sport GT Icons
City Alt R - Early Sport Luxury

Full - Hypercar, Sport Luxury
National - Elite Factory Racers, Track Toys
Short - Hot Hatch Genesis, Major Micros

Speedway - Nascar
Road - Sport GT Icons, Classic Street Muscle
Mini - Hot Hatch Icons, Rebirth of Muscle
Super-mini - Major Micros, Hot Rod Revival
Speedway Alt - Indycar, Historic Road Racing
Road Alt - Sport GT, Sport Touring

GP - Birth of GP
Brickyard - Indycar
GP Classic - Forza Touring Cars
GP Alt - Elite Factory Racers

Le Mans:
Full - Forza P1, Forza P2, Forza GT
Bugatti - Open-wheel Legends, Early Sport Luxury, Sport GT Icons
Old Mulsanne - Early Prototype Racer, Prototype Group Racing, Vintage GT Racing

Lime Rock:
Full - Classic Street Mucsle
West - Sport Compact
South - Historic Road Racing
Full Alt - Forza GT

Long Beach:
Full - Forza 70’s
East - Formula E
West - Major Micros

Maple Valley:
Full - Forza Group Rally, Modern Off-roaders
Short - Hot Hatch Genesis, Hot Rod Revival
Full R - Off-road Buggies, Forza Trophy Trucks
Short R - Rebirth of Muscle, Major Micros

Laguna Seca - Historic Road Racing, Vintage Sports Coupe

Full - Forza 90’s
Short - Early Sport Touring
Full Alt - Vintage Sport GT

Full - Elite Factory Racers
Club - Sport Luxury

Full - Forza Touring Cars, GT Racing Reborn, Forza P1
Nordschleife - Open-wheel Legends, Forza P2, Sport GT
GP - Exotic GT, Vintage Sport GT, Elite Factory Racers

Full - Supercar Renaissance
Short - Formula E
Full R - Sport GT
Short R - Sport Compact

Full - Sport Touring
National - Forza Trophy Trucks
Coast - Formula E
Mountain - Vintage Off-roaders
Mini - Hot Hatch Genesis
Full R - Sport Coupe
National R - Rally Heros
Coast R - Classic Street Muscle
Mountain R - Modern SUV
Mini R - Major Micros

Road America:
Full - Forza P2
East - Sport Touring
West - Hot Hatch Icons
Full Alt - Rise of Supercar
West Alt - Sport Compact Icons

Road Atlanta:
Full - Prototype Group Racing
Club - Showroom Rally

Full - Open-wheel Legends, Vintage GT Racing, Early Prototype Racers
Short - Hot Hatch Icons, Sport Compact Icons, Hot Rod Revival
Club - Historic Road Racing, Modern Hot Hatch, Rebirth of Muscle

GP - Sport Coupe, Sport GT Icons, Exotic GT
International - Early Sport Luxury, Showroom Rally, Track Toys
National - Vintage Sport Compact, Vintage Sport GT, Hot Hatch Icons

Full - Rally Heros
GP - Indycar
Short - Forza Group Rally

Spa - Forza 90’s, Elite Factory Racers, Sport GT

Full - Forza 90’s, Exotic GT
East - Rebirth of Muscle, Sport Compact Icons
West - Sport Coupes, Early Sport Touring
Full Alt - Hypercars, Open-wheel Legends
West Alt - Sport Compact, Showroom Rally

Top Gear (minus full):
East - Vintage Sport Coupes, Vintage Off-roaders
West - Hot Rod Revival, Major Micros
Outer - Exotic GT, Vintage Sport GT
East R - Hot Hatch Icons, Modern Hot Hatches
West R - Nostalgic Drag Racers, Rebirth of Muscle
Outer R - Sport Coupes, Sport GT

Full - Indycar, Supercar Renaissance, Modern SUV
North - Sport GT, Sport Coupe, Historic Road Racing
South - Rebirth of Muscle, Hot Hatch Icons, Sport Compact
Patriot - Vintage Sport Compact, Hot Hatch Genesis, Off-road Buggies
Patriot Alt - Modern Hot Hatch, Early Sport Touring, Rise of the Supercar
Grand West - Sport Touring, Prototype Group Racing, Vintage GT Racing
Grand East - GT Racing Reborn, Forza GT, Forza Touring Cars

Watkins Glen:
Full - Forza P2
Short - Sport Touring Icons
Full Alt - Forza 70’s
Short Alt - Nascar

Yas Marina - Exotic GT, Forza P1
North - Nostalgic Drag Racers, Early Sport Luxury
South - Classic Street Muscle, Early Sport Touring
North Corkscrew - Vintage Sport Coupes, Sport Luxury
Corkscrew - Rise of the Supercar, Sport Touring Icons

There probably won’t be an update to the hoppers, but I would love to see support to change the cycled division hopper.

Also, there’s a major problem with corner cutting at turn 2 on Catalunya. If you could fix that next time around, that would be great

Game has had horrible hopper lobby and league rotation (never change) since day 1. Random is random Top Gear at least half the time. They will not fix it because the people who do the rotations don’t know a lot about racing and what tracks are good for a certain division. Very little chance of them listening. There are many corners that people cut on almost every single track. Watkins first turn, any track with a bus stop style chicane, can go on and on.