Please bring back Cycled Production.

Spec racing in Leagues is all well and good but being stuck with the same car for a week is horrendous. Please just go back to the formula that worked and was very popular: Cycled Production. I raced hundreds of hours in those hoppers on Forza Motorsport 4 and am dying to have it back (as are others). Surely it wouldn’t be hard to implement? Rotate spec cars and tracks every race and then refresh the selection either weekly or monthly. I feel it would add tremendously to the multiplayer experience and it would always be rammed if previous games are anything to go by. Thanks for reading. (Please add Cycled Production to FM7 :sunglasses::checkered_flag:)

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I agree with bringing this back. Cycled division is fun but still allows for players to use builds and tunes to gain an edge over others. I really miss the rotating lobby from Forza 4. Nothing like honing your skills against other players who are in the exact same boat that you are.


I like the variety of cars in Cycled Division. Removing tuning to even things out would be good though.

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