New Multiplayer Hopper rotation - December 7

Why are there no Tag games

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Bit frustrating that we seem to get the same divisions repeated over and over. How many times have we had Modern Hot Hatch? I get that it’s popular and easy to build and tune a car for.

But I would like to see more spec divisions appear. Don’t think Formula Ford or Formula Mazda divisions have come up yet and I think the Mazda MX-5 cup has come up once in leagues. Formula E division comes round every now and then and when it does I always find it very competitive with everyone in the same car.

Would also like to see another endurance hopper alongside the current one, preferably using the GT Racing Reborn division although I’m not sure how close those cars are.

Finally it would be great to see Cycled Production back.

Call turn10

Yes to all of this, I want to see the little baby Mazda formula hopper, those things are amazing.

Where are the Tag and Virus games? The only reason I continue to play is Virus, its fun and can be challenging with a good lobby of drivers. To see it completely gone blows my mind.

Now I have no reason to play besides Forzathon, as I’ve beaten all the levels of the story game otherwise. And Open Airfield is a joke, its just a bunch of kids in the 18 wheeler trucks ramming everyone, its a free-for-all F$#%fest now.


Yeah, where’s my tag!?

And that Rally heroes needs to be just rally to allow the modern rally type cars in too!!

Who can we write to inform about the problem. I tryed to contact forza support yesterday. Still no answar?

:+1: to the addition of two classes for tag, but when is tag going to come back?

Still no Cycled Production. Instead we get that Rip Rod abomination in Spec SIM League. Why won’t T10 cater to the racers that filled the Cycled Production lobbies in previous games. Rubbish.

The online multiplayer game Virus/Tag is not available and not working at the time.

What is the procedure for getting turn 10 / microsoft to fixing a problem in forza 7? I tryed to contact the support line yesterday. Still no answar.

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I thought it was me, I can’t even find the Hopper

Can we have more than one ghost hopper? Would it kill you guys to have 2. Repeating stuff and not every division has been in the ghost hopper. We had Modern Hot Hatch for the first 6 months of the game. That was enough. How about Modern GT, a ghost class lobby, ghost cycled production or cycled division would be great. But you will not listen anyway and continue to repeat what has already been done. You will not fix the bad track rotation featuring Top gear over and over and over either. Lazy

Why are there no more tag lobbies?

Where is Intro to C? At this point I’ll take that back. Was in every Forza but this one

Since Turn10 broke tag, please add a time limit for each match 10-15mins tops.

I’m dinking around on the game right now, and yeah, no tag games. I guess I’ll have to return to Battlefield 4 for the time being.