Custom License Plates

I make detailed, real-world license plates for my cars (examples below)… If you have a specific request for a plate you want just post it up and I’ll try to get to as many as I can.

Search for vinyls and enter FraidKn0t (the 0 is a zero) in the “CREATOR” field to grab the ones that are already finished and shared.


  • New pics are up depicting a couple of my more accurate plates with realistic number formats

  • Also, the following plates are done and uploaded, feel free to download the generic version or a blank copy if you want to add your own custom numbers:

  • Germany

  • Great Britian

  • Italy

  • Japan

  • Portugal

  • USA - FL

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the german one must be xx-xx-xxxx (1-2 letters (stands for the city) - (1-2 letters) - (1-4 numbers) and the round thingys comes after first letters

On a similar note they’ve never released a 21 plate in the UK. They are either 01, 02 etc up to 15 or 51, 52 up 59 up to 60, then 61 etc current plate is 65.

The ones with a straight year are registered March to September, ones with a 5 or 6 registered the other half of the year…

So your Aston was registered in Birmingham in 2021…

Thanks for the info Mich. Yeah I just posted the first few I came across so they’re probably not the best examples. When I make a new plate I always do 3 versions… a blank one so anyone can fill in their own desired plate #'s, then I do a generic one with all the correct structuring, then I make a “vanity” plate for a particular car or adjust things to fit my GT in there.

I wish Forza had a way to set up some sort of filing structure to keep track of everything neatly but once I get a little more organized I’ll post the accurate/generic ones

Will also get started on Portugal, Oregan, and a GB plate with BF05BJF

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Any chance you could do the Portuguese license plate? Pretty much like any other European plate, but on the right we also add the year and month (so those could be left blank for us to add on top). Also the British one has a white version for the front of the car (in case someone uses it :p).

Done deal, it should be up now

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Make an Oregon USA plate please

Can you do a GB plate with the Euro stars as BF05BJF? Then tell me where it is to get it from in F6?

Done, here’s how to download it:

  • Paint car
  • Apply decals
  • New layer
  • Apply a vinyl shape
  • press select button (the one with 2 squares)
  • Scroll down to “CREATOR” and enter “fraidkn0t” (the 0 is a zero)
  • Scroll down and hit search, you should be able to scroll through the results till you find your plate

Have it now on my XB1. Can you do a white front plate with the same design & registration number?

Nice work!! Anyway you can make a New Hampshire one? I’ll owe u a favor lol

possible to do a TAUFIQTX in USA New York state plate colors. i would use that on all my cars. man that would be cool. let me know if not, thanks in advance. i got my hopes up kind of.

Great job FraidKn0t…I would love to get a Puerto Rico license plate! Thanks!


Hey can ya please do a florida plate that says “LEEM”?

I’d love to have a Utah license place (arches style)

Can you make a south dakota usa plate

Could you do a USA California plate that says “Forza”?

hello, Could you make a New Brunswick, Canada plate? thx!

I don’t understand how someone using the standard fonts on the livery editor, or putting only 8 stars on the european flag can call his license plates “detailed”…

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