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are there any people coming from forza 4 who remember the old performance index system that had “R3 R2 and R1” classes? it allowed you to take anything like a mustang for example,and modify the car to behave like a proper track car and race against GT-Daytona/GTLM class cars? I have been trying to do this with forza 7 and its impossible. they’ve complicated it too much. in the menus with all of the options it gives you now that they divide cars into divisions now,it says you can allow cars with upgrades to race in a division,but lets say you want to have a modified “grandsport” race where all the cars are modified to be like their newer GT4 variants. the game doesnt allow you to do it and its very annoying. because it is quite possible to have a proper race with a shelby gt-350r up against GT LeMans cars and prototype racers. but the game considers it improper because the car is out of it’s division. this truly defeats half of the purpose of this game existing. is there anyone who feels the same?
P.S. my profile says ive been driving since 2011 but ive been playing since forza 1 and the drivatars werent nearly as bad as the ones on forza 7, this is another complaint of mine.

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In advanced settings:
Number of buckets: 3
Bucket 1: max drivers:1 (you), class: any, division: any
Bucket 2: change division to Forza GT
Bucket 3: change division to Forza P1

agreed its needs to be re taloyed back