A little help please?

All I play is free play and I have a thing about racing cars that are period correct. I’m trying to set up certain races and either the race starts with just me or the game continues to include cars in the years you don’t want in the race. I’m trying to set up a race with elite factory racers and want to exclude the f40c. I choose elites factory racers and select the year 1996-1998. It’s from 1989 so I specify that the race be 1996-1998 and it still shows up. Can someone post a sticky or tutorial on how to use the free play options to get what you want? I tried to de the same thing with GT icons with the zr1 and the 911. From the same year but they don’t include them both.

The design is frustrating because any time you select a Division it sets the Homologation rules, and any time you change the Car Restrictions it sets the Division to Any, meaning you can’t customize a homologated group.

If you’re willing to race Stock, you can customize the filters:
Allow Upgrades = No
PI 751-983
HP 534-779
Year 1996-1998
Drive RWD
Engine Mid

These settings will give you the Elite Factory Racers without the 1989 car, but other divisions with more cars might be trickier. You can also change the Number of Driver Buckets in Advanced Rules to 4 to make sure you have a mix of cars you’re looking for. Use my www.bit.ly/FM7spreadsheets Cars List tab to work out the ranges you’ll need.

Unfortunately when I tried to set Allow Upgrades to Yes and then apply the filters, Buy and Rent car menus glitched to no options.

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Yeah just discovered this. So very annoying.

Thank you. I did notice also that it will let leave the f40 c out if you rent a Nissan R390 or a McLaren F1 GT. Then the F40C is excluded when you customize the settings. But as soon as you switch to the Porsche GT1 or the Mercedes CLK GTR it will either load them all or only you on the grid. Maybe it has something to do with those 2 cars are not for sale? Also I noticed the sometimes the computer will reduce the # of drivitars to 0 and it wont allow you to change it back unless you exit free play and come back to it.

Thanks a ton. Now how do I get the 95 zr1 and the 95 Porsche 911 gt2 to square off in sport gt icons? And how about the 87 ford sierra cosworth, the 90 mercedes 190 evo, and the 91 bmw m3 together for a match in early sport touring?

For 4 or fewer specific models, go to Advanced Rules and increase the Number of Driver Buckets, then tab over to Group 1 Options and set the Make/Model to the first car, and then Bucket 2 to set the Make/Model etc. But in 993 vs ZR-1 that’s going to give you A639 vs B571. (Make Group 1 the car you want to be in, because that will be your only choice). You can set Roll Off Delay and tinker with handicaps for power and grip in each Bucket to try to balance out performance, but unless someone knows different, I don’t see any way to customize with homologation rules. It’s either Division (and whichever models the game wants to include, with Homologated rules in force for everyone) or try to use filters (and the Drivatars will race Stock PI).

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My advice here is to use the Open Division (this allows you to break Homologation rules for the division that the car is in), 4 buckets and fine tune the exact make, model, power, PI and other items to get a good race.

Granted you only get a maximum of 4 different cars models on the track, but the racing can be great.