Cross Country+Rally cars=Please don't!

I’m trying to get past this seasonal event with the Lancia rally cars. I enjoy playing the game as close to a simulator as I can make it with no assist, manual gear box, and rewinds off. With off road cars these x-country races are a challenge but with these rally cars and the AI jacked up to expert for the event it’s not even possible. I know I can use the Build-a-race workshop rewind spam and piece together a win in about 40min per race but I hate this option. These rally cars do not have the grip or suspension to run an event like this without spinning or taking a bad bounce off a ramp. The AI in these cars driving like they do is about as far from anything real as you can get, it’s just bad.
Please make the AI serviceable for people like me that enjoy trying to play this game like a sim or don’t use this combination and hang a carrot at the end of it.

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Tune/upgrade the car.


WOW! Why didn’t I think of that! *rolls eyes


Have no idea what goes on in a person’s head #doesnt care/welcome to ignore


I’m sorry, I thought you were trolling me with obvious suggestions.
Yes, I have spent to much on upgrades and tuned the car to the best of my ability.

OP, I like to play the game like you do. (No HUD either.)
The cross country events are always going to be arcade-like because of the unrealistic jumps, smashing walls, etc.
I don’t think you’re going to see the AI dialed back or more realism in the cross country events.

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It’s to bad that these events are not more in line with the rest of the game. They could be very fun if the AI matched your damage option and the big ramp jumps were shortcuts not mandatory to hit a check point. There would be true enjoyment in the strategy alone for x-country events. The way it sits now with the AI running flat out on rails with the player left to bounce around like a super ball it’s just an operation in aggravation for players like me.

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The good thing is in the regular cross county events you can put limits on the cars using blueprint.
With the blueprint editor we’ll have even more control.
While these weekly events can be wacky, we still have a lot of options to make the racing more realistic.

I’m a fan of realistic builds and settings but, if you were told this game has any hint of simulation in it, I’m sorry, but you were fooled.

Biggest example is snow. Playground had to make it more forgiving, because we spend a full week in winter. If you play Blizzard Mountain in FH3, you have a much different experience. Snow there is properly slippery. Ice patches in particular were completely removed from FH4, save for Derwent Lake, which freezes in winter.

As for the actual events themselves, they’re not worth it most of the time. Regular championships award you Super Wheelspins, which may give you three cosmetic pieces instead of more valuable stuff. Special events which require Unbeatable difficulty for the top prizes haven’t featured anything unique yet, as the Rocker jacket is a cosmetic and the Metro can be purchased from the Autoshow.

Finally, the prize for beating it on the easiest difficulty is too little, which is wrong IMO as unskilled players shouldn’t be punished for playing on a lower difficulty. It’s better to give exclusives to skilled players, but enough money to unskilled player to make their experience worthwhile. Not everyone playing this game can handle Highly Skilled or Expert AI. I have beaten both Unbeatable events so far, but I’m not everyone!

I agree with everything you said. I understand they have to appeal to a broad audience but this one seems to be skewed to the arcade side. I can handle the “Unbeatable” AI on road and rally events but not the rail AI of the x-country races.
Having played Blizzard Mountain I was disappointed with the winter also.

I did the championship without issue to be honest.

The AI actually seemed to be having a lot of issues. Especially on the Whitewater Falls Cross Country. They kept sliding too far off the trail and were going wide into corners. But I was playing on Expert (or Pro, can’t remember).

What class are you using? If you do it in C or B it is much easier and you should be able to beat unbeatable going away. The higher in class you go the more your own mistakes are magnified and the randomness of cross country bumps and dips and jumps can be even more deadly. These cars are basically C class to begin with and if you jack them up too much you will have problems.

Plus course knowledge is important. Run the race a few times first to learn it and how your car and driving style reacts to it.


I have loads of cars but i need to know which would you all advise for the best cross country A class car

The type of car really don’t matter as long as it meets the requirements. Tuning and driving it repeatedly until you get it to your liking is your best route.
Downloaded tunes don’t always work with your style of driving, which is why I do my own now.
I finally got my S1 Trailcat dialed in where it hugs the ground and doesn’t bounce as much and can handle most jumps fairly easily.
I’m not a big fan of rally cars so can’t make no suggestions on type of car, but to tune it will take several runs around the country side to dial it in. Took me about an hour to get the Trailcat to my likings. Podium finishes and even an occasional win in it.
I’ve won offroad races in my P3 tuned in A class as well.
The time you spend tuning it will be well worth it.
Tune calculators get you close, but real world driving is required to get it to fit your personal driving style.
I can tune a car for you, but trust me, it won’t work for you because we most likely drive differently.
Most important thing, watch your rebound and make sure your tires keep as much contact with the ground as possible. That alone will greatly increase your chances offroad.

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Tuning isnt even that hard. People just dont like to take the time to figure out a niche that works for them. I didnt even play any online adventure until after I completed all the solo stuff. During those 125 hours since the launch, I figured out a base tune that can be used across ALL my cars. I literally tune all my cars the same, the only thing that varies is the gearing and the grip depending on which class. Other than that all my regulars are carbon copies of the same tune AND oddly enough my cars will outrace SUVs on cross country events. Who knew??

So you tune your car same way no matter is that car for festival circuit or goliath or dirt track heck same tune in drifting and drag racing also? In fh3 i won cross country online adveture with my 911 that was made for street race rivals and it wasnt because that car was good in cross country (10 second per lap slower than bowler that i use in rivals) it was because other people wasnt good in cross country.

Correct! The same tune and thats highly needed with the new online games. At least 2 of the 5 will be freeroam which is basically cross country. All your cars need to be able to handle some type of offroading but it also needs to be able to handle ON the road. Honestly all my transmission setups are the same as well. Gears 1-6 are identical, the only thing that changes on those is the final drive. I adjust that to achieve top speed.

That shows really well how stupid current online system is. I really want to see how you tune perform some cars like focus '09 or aventador fe.

Done it against unbeatable ai, it’s helps when you know to track or if dont know to track then use mini map.

Offroad cross country:

  1. Ensure high suspension travel.
  2. Higher camber, lower caster, toe in a little if stability problems.
  3. Minimal spring rate and sway bar.
  4. Lower shocks mild to moderate rebound and start minimal dampening.
  5. Tires with smallest wheel size and low pressure.
  6. IMPORTANT heavier (unupgraded/low upgrade) flywheels, driveshafts, wheels
  7. IMPORTANT avoid/upgrade turbos last.

The last two are commonly overlooked. Heavier weight on the rotating assemblies helps prevent sudden revving or breaking of traction under throttle. Essentially none of the peaking and bouncing revs so power is more consistently applied and that means better handling and accel.

The turbo one is also a traction issue. Turbo lag or power peaking as you give throttle or vary in rpm band can kick you out or break traction. A solid NA tune makes for a very solid race.

Tires one is because of unsprung weight. Lower pressure helps dampen out the bumps. If really fine over normal rough, but bottoming out frequently, increase springs. If over rough you are very floaty, then up dampening.


I challenge anyone to try S1 class cross country point to point race with

  1. hood or bumper or in car view
  2. no rewind
  3. no line.

I cannot get close to winning ( and its tuned) on even the eaiest setting because you are driving blind.