credts anyone?

ok I am now gonna split it up instead of one lump sum


Why not split it up, so you can help more people at once? I would be satisfied with 10M

Agreed. As would I.

ok I will split it up into 10m, I had forgot I had so many credits on Forza 3 didn’t just want to delete them

xJonxMonx56 and SkreppieDoe send me a FR and put a car up for 10m on the AH, and if you would send a message letting me know its on the AH pls

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In case you didn’t get my XBL message, I put a pink VW Rabbit up for 24 hours. Thanks!

And I apologize if I sounded a bit rude and you took offense; I didn’t necessarily want to tell you what to do with your CR or anything, just the thought that more people could be helped.

no problem spliting it up does seem better

anyway 20m gone 80m to go

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Thumbs up for sharing credits, I’ts a huge help on my way to get 300 cars before the FM6 release…again thank you !

That’s very nice of you to share credits, im still looking to increase my number of cars owned for the Rewards system too so can I have some credits? :slight_smile:

yeah, put a vw rabbit up on the AH for 10m


If still available i would be very happy with a part of the credits.

Just like in the real world, money is always short and therefore more than welcome.

Only problem is, i can’t put a car in the auction house before tomorrow …

I’m slooowly accumulating cars in FM3 & would really appreciate some credits, if you have any left to share.
In any case, thanks for being so generous to the community…very classy!!

no problem, just send me a message on xbox live when its on there

there are still plenty as I still have 80m

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Great! I just put up a FM3 auction for a 1994 Honda Civic 1.5 VTi with a 10M buy-out price.
Thanks so much for your help, CPU M Rossi!

no problem

I’m a millionaire x 10!
Going to go “share the love” by snagging some good deals at the FM3 auction house now.
Thanks again, CPU M Rossi…you’re the best!

I still have 50m to giveaway to anyone interested

i would love to get some :slight_smile:

im starting up the xbox 360 now…


just put some WV rabbits up on the auction house…

many thanks

Would also love to get some, as my old save game corrupted!

Putting up a couple of Rabbits on Auction House right now. Thanks!

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Sent you a message, it’s a kind offer. :slight_smile: