Credits from other FORZA games

Turn 10 would be nice if you could move credits from other FORZA games I have a lot in FORZA 6, 5 Horizon 3 that I’m not going to use if I’m playing FORZA Horizon 4 or FORZA 7

The rate this game throws cars, money and wheelspins at you there are so many sources of money you don’t really need to transfer anything in. I’ve got a few houses, 130+ cars (almost all free), upgraded several cars and have 8M cash after little more than a week playing. For longer time players Forza Hub throws even more money at you, though it will take a few weeks for that to build up compared to just starting an older title now and getting tens of millions thrown at you for just starting playing.

Also given there were bugs and glitches in previous games that allowed players to get 999,999,999, they would just start wrecking the auction house with stupid buyouts and crazy prices on stock cars.

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I think the game should communicate better that you can get all the cars you will ever need from wheelspins. There really is no need to buy a single car unless you really want a specific one early on. But money is less easy to earn for sure. You don’t get double rewards from spins as in FH3 and duplicate cars do not ask you if you want a CR payout instead, you just get them (so you can sell them for 5k in the auction house or simply remove them from your garage for nothing).

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Won’t ever happen
What would be the point of even playing if you have all those credits

The credits in fh4 are pretty easy to earn…as they are in all forza games
Before long you will so many credits you will have nothing to spend them on again …like previous games