Credits and DLC

Okay, so I posted last night that I claimed my 1 million credits through forza rewards and then I got the message on forza to download them, my forza disconnected and I didn’t get them, and still don’t have them now, it’s been 24 hours since I claimed them and still haven’t recieved them.

Also, has the dlc actually been released?

Hello! Basically, yesterday I claimed my rewards for Forza through the forza hub on my XBOX One and then downloaded the credits through the message on the game, though I didn’t actually get them? It has been 24 hours and I have not still recieved them?

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The Xbox Live Servers were hacked yesterday.

Give it another 48 hours and then contact them.

My rewards as well are bugged, i don’t see Forza Horizon 2 progress on my rewards unlike Forza Horizon

A quick search would have told you that the 360 version of FH2 is not eligible for the rewards program - means no points earned and no rewards.

If this is an actual emergency, please log off and dial 911.

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Hi! I need help, 4 days ago I claimed my Forza rewards and download them and they didn’t show up? Help me!! It’s 1 million credits and trust me I need it!