Crash - Game may crash loading into Daytona or after completing Daytona - Update 4 (1525669)

I have almost 80 hours in the game on Steam and never had any problems. Since the new update though I tried to do 2 races in Free Play on the new Daytona track. Right as I drive over the finish line of the race, the game freezes and then crashes to desktop saying it’s a memory issue. This happened after both races.
I already did a RAM diagnosis and the ram seems to be fine.
Like I said, it only started to happen after the newest update.
Does anyone else have this problem?

i7 14700kf
RTX 4080
32GB DDR5 Ram
Game is installed on a Samsung 990 Pro 4tb SSD

Thanks in advance for help or feedback

Same issue. Game crashes after i do some laps and go back to the lobby hub in multiplayer on daytona. i play on PC, GPU NVIDIA 3060Ti, CPU Ryzen 5700x. I checked. Components work fine, so its a game issue.

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game was pretty stable for me til update 4 - now it crashes to desktop from pretty much anywhere, in menus, in lobby, driving, … BTW, I’m on the MS store version, not Steam. Ryzen 5 7600X, 32G DDR5, GTX 1070, Win11.

Windows logs say it’s application error 0xc0000005, no other message about what’s causing it. It’s almost impossible to finish a race, hardware is and has been stable, works perfectly fine in other games and FM8 < update 4… HW stability tested and verified using various stress test apps.

ExceptionCode c0000005
FaultingOffset 00000000007a1979

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I’m trying the new multiplayer event at Daytona LMP2, and one session I get crash during Qualifying, next session the game crashed to desktop just before the race 60 seconds countdown timer started, next session the game crashed at the starting grid while I was going through other drivers. This is only happening with Daytona.

Platform: PC/Steam

Ryzen 5 5600X (non OC)
Nvidia RTX 3060TI 8GB
Corsair RM-850X
Game installed in M.2

Crash to Desktop every single time I try to race on Daytona online lobby. Not happening on other tracks, but it has already happened sometimes after Update 4.

Reinstalled NVIDIA Driver, rebuilt shaders, removed all overlays, downgraded NVIDIA Driver, reinstalled 135GB Forza Motorsport again. Same issue. I’m glad I didn’t buy this game, just playing via GamePass.

Does anyone, especially on PC, have this problem?

Almost leaving the game, I’m tired of bugs.

Yes, I have the same issue. PC hardware is well above spec and had no other issues in multiplayer apart from Daytona. Probably crashes 50% of the time, and not at a specific point; could be before, after or during the race. Yet sometimes, it goes all the way through with no issues.
I did raise a ticket and they marked it as Solved but acknowledged that the issue still exists and the dev team were looking into it.

For me it crashes always after the training when playing singleplayer.
Hardware is:
Ryzen 7 3700X
RTX 2080

It’s sad I can not play the new track


A Hotfix was released 1.30.24 that is meant to fix some crash scenarios on Daytona. This fix may help some crash issues when loading into or when finishing some other races.

Can you try downloading the new update and let us know if you’re still seeing the same crash issue?

The issues has been fixed. Unfortunately, the Daytona event is going to be over soon and I didnt get to play that much. Maybe extend the event for one more week? @JetPartySalad