Crash - Crash on photo mode trying to save & share or viewing the gallery (1723449)

Game crashed trying to save and share a photo. The game already have update 5.0. using Xbox Series X performance RT mode.

Hello, same issue here… also if I try to see the Photo gallery from the main menu, the game crashes as well.


I really start to think someone is sabotaging Forza Motorsport. Every update that goes by, crashes appear with things that never crashed before. Or bugs that were inexistent in a car start to appear. Maybe someone angry about working 12hours or more.

Does this crash occur every time you enter the photo gallery or save and share a photo or only the one time?
Could you try the troubleshooting from this article and put in a support ticket on this issue so we can investigate more.
My Game is Not Launching or is Crashing on PC – Forza Support (

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Multiple times, every time i try to save photo


I’ve only tried taking a photo and when clicking on save or save and share it crashes. The game literally closes.

Yes, every time i enter the Photo Gallery, the game crashes and goes back to the Xbox Home Screen…
It’s really annoying… I can’t see my photos and I can’t take new photos as well.

I love Forza Motorsport, it’s my favorite Xbox game ever, and this bugs makes me very sad.
Thanks for your help!

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Yes the same for me. Taking a photo and trying to save or share it crashes the game. Very annoying.

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Every time I go into the photo gallery, for some reason it shows no pictures and then the game crashes.


Game crashes trying to save photo and photo gallery nonexistent


I just encountered the same problem, crashing on save and when opening the gallery.

Restarting game and Xbox didn’t help.

Last attempt, I saw one of the thumbnails load, but then the game crashed again.

Xbox Series X, current OS, current game version.


This new bug is pretty annoying, especially because it’s such a simple thing for a game to do! Drawing the thumbnails or existing photos in your photo library. They appear as X’s at first because they can’t load, then one might show before it crashes the entire game. That’s just porking neat. Don’t they test these things??


Wait it out. It takes FOREVER for your past photos to load.

If you can, copy them from this site and remove them when you have them backed up. I only have a hand full of pics but I am removing them whem I get more time tomorrow.


The consumers seem to be the testers. Such a joke.

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Kinda annoying since I use photomode to report car modeling bugs.

Game crashes when you try to view your saved photos, it also crashes when trying to take a new photo. Something in the latest update has borked photomode.


Photo gallery still crashing for me… maybe the thread got closed a bit too soon:

Edit: Checked again, hotfix installed, Series X.

Game crashes after opening the photo gallery and waiting for existing photos to load.

Game also crashes when trying to save a new photo from photo mode.

Same behavior as before the hotfix.


Heck, it doesn’t even save the photo for me.

Not to mention I can’t even pause the replay in the first place :joy:

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The game crashes the same way when I play on Xbox Cloud Gaming and try to save it in photo mode.

Not a hardware issue.


Same here , issue still happening

Does anyone know if deleting the game and reinstalling works? That’s what I’m doing right now and praying it reinstalls before my race tonight, if I remember correctly this game takes a min install