Could someone give me some good ideas for upgrades on a Ferrari 360 CS?

I’m a total noob to upgrades and still a total noob when it comes to tuning but I have this amazing tuning guide.

Every car is obviously different and I’d like to focus on learning tuning at the moment and the Ferrari 360 CS is my favorite car.

So, if someone could give me ideas or better yet just a build from the ground up that I can stick with that would be awesome.

This way I’m not constantly switching around parts which will potentially make me start from square one every time I want to learn to tune.

First off, always use the stock config of a car (not the homologated version). This way you don’t have ‘intermediate’ parts installed automatically, and you can choose yourself.

You should ask yourself the following questions:

  • What class do you want to tune your car to? Don’t go to extremes in this. For instance, you can tune a Mini to R class, but it is best to have it max at A class
  • What do you want to improve, speed or handling? or a bit of both
  • Determine if you want FWD, RWD or AWD setup
  • Check the basic characteristics of your car, and move towards your personal preference. Some like a car which has more understeer, others like oversteer cars more.
  • I always advise to tune the gearbox. Default gears ratios are often not good. In some cases you wont even get past 4th gear on a 6 or 7 speed gearbox with the default gb.

Well I would like this to be A class, RWD, I’d like handling > speed, “good enough” acceleration, fantastic braking and overall cornering.

Basically the way all of the top 10 Ferrari 360 CS’ tunings seem to be.

I just have no idea where to start, but I’m looking for the upgrade part only.

Like I said I have a fantastic tuning guide, and I feel kind’ve rude asking for someone to flat out just “upgrade my car for me” but I don’t know how an engine works, or what ANY of the parts are or what they do (besides the wheels=p). I could learn this through the explanations in-game, and perhaps I will, but telling me what a part does (although fantastic) isn’t telling me if it’s worth the +13 PI or whatever.

And that said, it doesn’t have to be perfect or win me any tournaments, I’d just like some decent upgrades to bring it up to 700 A class, rather than click “Homologate” which I know isn’t optimal, and I would like to focus on one thing at a time: Pushing aside the majority of the upgrades part at the moment and focus on learning the tuning part, and then once I’ve mastered that I’ll go through all the upgrades.

Easy way to start:

As little weight
As much Tire
As much horsepower

As possible.

Don’t worry about using the stickier tires to start, just focus on width, then subtract weight and add hp.

You’ll figure it out in no time.

Good luck!

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For power parts, exhaust is typically good since you get horsepower and weight savings.
Cam is usually preferable over bigger turbo or SC since it saves weight, increases hp, and increases the usable RPM range.

Experiment making tunes with and without aero. Also, the 36p is pretty light and nimble to start with so depending on class, it may benefit more from horsepower bigger tires rather than just defaulting to weight dropping and aero.

You can learn a lot by racing ghosts of the same car on Rivals. That will show you where you need to improve (power, grip).

Upgraded brakes are the only thing that 100% should be the first thing to start with on any car IMO. Braking harder than the next car, with all things being equal, will make faster laps. Less time on the brakes, more time back in the throttle.

Regarding ending vs boost swaps etc, flatter torque and HP typically is beneficial. A flat torque/HP curve with high usable RPMs (without adding a bunch of weight) is a good rule of thumb.

Are you wanting to keep this build with thin the Divisional restrictions, or, open-class? For example, a restriction on the 360 CS is the rear width as a max of 335. If one goes to the max of 345, it is out-of-bound for Divisional races, yet, can run Rivals Open-Class…@ A700 for example.

My 360 CS build right now is up to A700, yet, with the 345’s on rear. If interested, I can provide such.

Here is a GRIP Build for you…

Conversion - NO upgrades
Engine - Race Exhaust
P&H - Race ARBs
Drivetrain - Sport Tranny (get it for FREE), Race DL/Diff
Tires/Rims - Sport Compound, F255/30R19, R335/30R19, heaviest rims (ex. Cragar Smoothie)
Aero - Race F/R Wings

This one is within Divisional requirements. Sport/335/429 HP/2858 LBs (43%)

Good Luck!


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