Convoy Phasing & No Group Waypoint

What is with this constant phasing for convoy members? I understand they’re going the ‘mega-server’ approach like some MMOs do (GW2, etc), and I love that, but to constantly have it happen to convoy members nearby for seemingly no reason is so frustrating. Even just cars parked next to each other chatting, phasing happens.
The update that came out this week that was suppose to fix issues didn’t help at all.

I worry because this whole shared-world feature was never real sorted out in FH4. This could be due to the cross-platform level of support and other teams coming in like Panic Button to work on the Series X version of FH4, but to move your convoy from event to event was loading screen hell because of the need to connect each player in the convoy back to the map with all the other players.

At this point, just give us back private games with our convoy like FH3 had. That was such an incredible experience. Jump in an event, jump back to the map, mess around at danger signs and speed traps, do another event, it was all seamless, all from day one. I’d much prefer this over a few ghost-players that zoom on by.

If Private Convoy Sessions are there I missed it, I’d love to know how to do it. Though I don’t think it is.

Additionally, I can’t find a way to set a Group Waypoint like in FH3 & FH4, was this feature removed?

Totally agree, it’s a complete mess. All I want is to drive around between events with my friends & not have them constantly disappearing, appearing, warping etc. This is supposed to be a co-op game to play with friends. The hotfix was supposed to address the issues and has made zero difference to our experience.

The convoy waypoint was omitted, they clearly forgot about it. It’s in the gigantic known issues list. I guess convoy testing wasn’t on the cards for this mega studio? Our customers only play singleplayer, right?? Would be funny if I didn’t go full premium.

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