I really hope I'm wrong but we have a MAJOR FUNDAMENTAL PROBLEM (latest update)

So you know how it was really weird that when the game launched, cars would disappear randomly in VERY SPECIFIC areas of the map?

Well it looks like this entire charade is up and we have some very bad news.

This latest update completely removed online free roam. Now you might think - how is that possible? I’m in Horizon Life right now. I see other people in my game.

Well ya. Sort of. That’s what the devs want you to think. That you’re still online.

But what is actually happening post patch is that “Horizon Life” no longer exists and there is now a matchmaking system that puts you into random static convoys. Those convoys are usually 1 person. And that’s your ENTIRE SERVER. Nice right? Cool system.

So this is it essentially. This is how they “fixed” online problems. By simply removing the online part of it. You just play co-op convoys now. Again the average convoy will have 1-2 people. That’s your new online experience. LOL.


You’ve made sure that you’ve restarted the game right?

It might be another bug that they’ve triggered from the tweaking.

Just sayin’.

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So you’re saying that completely removing a game feature and replacing that system with convoy matchmaking is a “Bug”?

While at the same time completely obfuscating this fact from the community?

I would really like to know how you arrived at this conclusion. Other than to completely ignore the reality of the situation and come up with convenient excuses for something that isn’t going to fix itself.

Funny, I was just coming here to see if anyone is seeing what I am seeing, NO ONE. At first after the patch I saw a few people but then after I played awhile, did some season stuff this and that and I was like I have not seen anyone else in like hours. Now I see no one but maybe one other person at the main Horizon festival site. Something is very very wrong here.

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Woahhhhh, Lay off the Columbian clumsy there fella.

I’m just suggesting that you may have encountered a bug where you’ve been grouped into a convoy rather than online freeroam but the game isn’t giving you a HUD display for the other convoy players.

I only asked if you had tried rebooting the game and checked that it was still happening. Relax your Jaxx over there surfwax!

I’ve just finished the update so I’ll have a look and see what you mean now.

Will report back.

You’re suggesting irrational things. So please re-read the original post. If you haven’t played it yourself, why are you replying to the post in argument?

Asking if you’ve restarted the game is irrational? What happened in your life that brought you to this point?

Just played it mate.

It’s nothing to do with convoys. You’re not in a convoy.

They’ve completely broken matchmaking all together now. That’s why it takes time for players to join the server, they’ve completely kumquatted the netcode.

And the traffic bug with zero cars being spawned in online is still 100% broken. :joy::joy::joy:

Just waiting for turtleCZ to invade with the obligatory “I’m having no issues! It must be you!” and “10/10 'cos Metacritic paid reviews said so!”

Eh well… It was broken before, It’s still broken now. Same old story.

Looks like it’ll be at least mid-way through Q2 of 2022 before this bobbar is polished enough to actually work.

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Turtle here. What you talkin bout. Broken game. This is best game ever on the box x series. I receive no money for my truthful posts. I am the truthful most person here ever on this forum here. 10 out of 10 for me. What you all talkin bout.


I wouldn’t panic too much, it’s obviously a faulty update. My advice is don’t run the game at all at this point.


‘A-freakin’-Men to that dude!

Not touchin’ this sucka again until it’s fixed. I ain’t losing all my progress.

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No one is panicking. Just getting extremely annoyed.


About 3 years ago there was a major bug in FH4 where everyone lost their skills apart from me. And the reason that I didn’t lose my skills was because I didn’t load the game for a week. I told everyone not to load the game, but some forum people told everyone just to play the game. This update is very dodgy.

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Happy days. Are you telling everybody reading this that they should not play the game because of an update 3 years ago, to a different game, on a last gen system, Incase they lose all their progress. Wow. Just wow. Here is the future of gaming everybody.

Well I’m a game designer, I have seen a lot of these things before. What do you do?