Convoy 1 hour / 100 km / 3 types of cars = Would you like to participate?

Hi Forza community!

Fan of Forza, I took advantage of the confinement to create a website to organize convoys in Forza Horizon 4.

The idea is simple: offer convoys of 1 hour, 100km with three different types of vehicles.


  • At each meeting, three groups of vehicles are offered to you.
  • You can choose your vehicles and prepare them respecting their original class.
  • Our groups are designed to offer you a wide choice of vehicles.


  • The itinerary of the convoys is based on our maps
  • No need to know the route, the organizer tells you the direction changes.
  • Our maps are made up of 6 car parks linked by road and mixed routes.


For the launch of the site, I propose one meeting per day.

As I live in Europe, my meetings start at 7:30 pm (GMT), which corresponds to:

  • Europe = between 20:30 and 22:30 depending on your timezone
  • North America = between 12:30 pm and 03:30 pm depending on your timezone (I hope to quickly find organizers in North America to offer meetings between 7:30 pm and 10:30 pm!)


You will find all details on the website:

English version:

French version:

Hope to meet you on roads of forza horizon :slight_smile:

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Sounds neat. I have often wondered about convoys. I have been in a few but nothing really happened. A few head-to-head races or a co-op race or two.

So without sounding disrespectful, what exactly is the benefit of a convoy? Is it just so you have enough people for an event? Or similar driving level as opposed to random get-what-you-get?

I have finished all the normal races, done most all of the challenges (grinding through drifting right now, ugh), and am getting into my own blueprints…so looking for the next thing to do in FH4. Thank you.


You’re right, I should give more explanation on the advantages or “the spirit” of convoys.

I personally used to play Forza in two different ways:

  • Classic mode: I play the different races and tests proposed in the game: Seasonal events, Road racing series, Dirt racing series, Showcase events, Speed zones, Danger signs… This part of the game is a bit arcade. The driving is not very realistic (compared to Forza Motorsport) but the game is very fun and I love it!

  • Cruising mode: Forza horizon 4 is an incredible game. the graphics of the landscapes and the modeling of the cars is excellent. The four seasons and the effects of the weather are impressive. Even if Forza is not a simulation, the differences between vehicles are well transcribed. As a car enthusiast, I really like to ride more realistically in the game. Personally I desactivate all assistance, except the clutch, and I use the hood view. I focus on having a clean ride, good braking, nice trajectory, using cars with very different characteristics.

I like the cruising mode but it’s not great if I’m alone. I often drive on the Horizon map and meet other players to ride together. Some players are cruising in the same spirit as me and we have a good time together but it is not always easy to understand each other concerning the organization:


  • When I choose a vehicle from a manufacturer, other players often choose the same manufacturer. But if I choose a type of vehicle, the other players have trouble understanding what they should select…
  • Most of the time, players choose vehicles of class S1 or S2 to avoid having a much less powerful vehicule than the others. Then, the cruise sessions are always in S1 or S2…
  • Not everyone has a large garage, so sometimes other players cannot select the desired vehicle because they couldn’t buy it in advance…


  • When I drive behind another player, it is not always easy to follow him if he doesn’t know his route. When the organizer of the convoy doesn’t know his route in advance, he tends to make sudden changes of directions … it is much easier to follow an organizer knowing his route in advance, especially if he indicates changes of direction using the message “turn!”, this allows a much cleaner driving, to take care of braking and trajectories (especially without assistance).
  • Itineraries proposed by the players do not generally use the whole map and are only composed of classic route (no offroad).


  • When I go for a ride with other players, we manage to form a group of 4 or 5 cars but it is difficult to gather more people without organization.

These are the reasons that made me want to create a system to better manage meetings and convoys.


Sorry if my explanation is a bit long, i will say in summary:

The idea of the site is to offer convoys for car enthusiasts:
- who like clean driving
- who like to feel the difference between a retro car, rear-wheel-drive in class A and a Hypercars, 4 wheel drive in class S2
- who want to ride between enthusiasts without having a feeling of competition, just for the pleasure of riding between enthusiasts :slight_smile:

This idea is based on my own way of playing but maybe we are very few in this case!


The site has only been online since last week. I called the site “racermeeting” and not “racerconvoy” because I think that there are other types of meetings to create in the future.

I am very open to proposals from the community to develop the site. Maybe meetings for drift fans? (even if I am very bad in this discipline!)

Thank you for your comments, I will probably modified the home page to explain a little more the spirit (or benefit) of convoys :slight_smile:

Thanks Alasdair JCW for joining us yesterday and for your beautiful pictures :slight_smile:

Sounds nice. I have signed up for the run on Friday.

Welcome Astrix F1, See you on Friday :slight_smile:

Pictures from Wednesday’s meeting

Nice pictures! I might be joining the run on Saturday as well with some friends.

Pictures of last meetings, Thanks to Alasdair JCW for his great photos!

Pictures of last meetings, Thanks to all participants!


Evolution of the website! It is now possible to create groups of vehicles without relying on those of Horizon.

Everything is now possible, for example:

  • BMWs in Class A
  • Duel Porsche against Ferrari in Class S1
  • Mercedes AMG
  • German sedans
  • Cars of 2019
  • Japanese compacts
  • …

I will add groups as I go, if you have any ideas share them :slight_smile: