Controversial Opinion?

I’m not sure if this will be a controversial Opinion but personally I don’t think horizon 5 is that bad of a game like lots make it out to be don’t get me wrong yes it has its issues and it could use improvements and actual new instead of rehashed content but overall I think it’s definitely a good game and worthy of playing I enjoy playing it it may not be my favourite horizon game however for what it is I like it and I don’t think it’s as bad as many people make it out to be just my opinion I’m open to discussion and disagreements on this but let’s keep it friendly no need to attack or insult others on this one keep it clean please guys friendly discussion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I agree, this is a good game in general, perhaps even very good - otherwise I wouldn’t be here at all :smiley:

And I’m glad someone voiced such “controversial” opinion, it’s good to see some balance on the forum :wink: Otherwise devs from Playground Games could get depressed every time they visit this place :sweat_smile:


I don’t think it’s a controversial opinion, I think most of us on here would agree despite the flak we give it.

It’s just great graphics + physics, a large car list + a decently sized map are things you can say about every FH game, it’s what comes after those core things that separate them and for many 5 is the biggest letdown so far.

Personally for me FH4 + 5 are poor entries in the series, are they poor games full stop though? No, anyone who says that is being OTT or just stupid, I call them poor entries because of the high standard I became used to from the first 3 games and expected to continue + improve on.

Put it this way if FH4 + 5 were the first games in a new franchise from another dev I would be much kinder to them.


@Draugnimir ye it is a good game and majority of what I see is negative opinions which I can understand as the game does have fundamental flaws and lacking things I just feel people are over the top about it lol


I loved fh4 and i love fh5, thats why i and i bet alot of people are angry. They are messing up such a good thing. If devs would care as much as us fans then This would be the best game period.

If this was a bad game then no1 would care to even complain :blush:


@TheGillesMuller that’s a good way to put it I see so many opinions on the game that I’d consider over the top making out it’s the worst thing in existence I mean everyone has their opinions but it’s not that bad ofc as I said it does lack things and have its flaws but at the end of the day it’s very enjoyable and to me that’s what matters most of all

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@ettansweden that is true Ive said before and I’ll say again I know the game does have flaws and lacks things and doesn’t always feel like Devs care much but for people to say the game is terrible is a bit extreme don’t get me wrong it’s not my favourite horizon game by far but for me it’s an enjoyable and worthy experience and that’s what matters most to me if the Devs would do more of what community wants I imagine the game would be even better cuz even I’ll admit it needs more lol

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I get depressed sometimes coming here.
I play it, I’m disappointed. Not anger as much as cynicism at this point.
Pre orders are no longer a thing, after being automatic nearly.


I think nobody is on this forum because they hate the game. We all like it, but criticism is more valuable than a praise. You can learn much more from a criticism.


@S73N70R oh ye ofc I know criticism is helpful and needed I don’t deny that and I agree what I mean is the people I’ve seen who just state the game is terrible lol its not that bad and some people go beyond criticism if you get my meaning

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I’m enjoying the hell out of it. I started with two or three years of FH4, the first racing game I actually committed to, long after trying but not melding with GTR and GTR2. FH5’s activity-based focus was kind of confusing when I started it, but the improved tire friction model completely transformed my driving experience and has made me a far better racer.

A lot of the frustration I read about here seems to be around multiplayer and live racing. I don’t worry about my ranking, I don’t go out of my way to collect accolades but just let them come as they will, and I don’t race live. I do my own tuning and I’m perfectly happy racing against AI competition, mostly road races with a strong emphasis on clean and smooth driving, competing against myself, you might say. I do the playlist challenges when I can accomplish them without too much frustration, but don’t obsess about the ones I can’t complete.

So, in sum, I’d say this game suits me pretty well.


absolutely right, it’s a good game, just could be much better


Are you crazy?!?!?!?! This is the worst game ever. I scan the forums and play the game every single day and it just horrible. Sometimes I can’t sleep at night thinking about the hours I spent playing. I can hardly bring myself to turning on my xbox , starting the game, checking this weeks forzathon events, finishing a few and 40 mins of painting and tuning my cars. Not sure why I spent 20 hours on this. It’s just no fun. (share code 160 250 832)


I can relate. For me, the Forza community* has always been such a large part of the enjoyment of the game overall (*with the legitimate players who chose to play the game as intended). The continued attrition of the dedicated player base, along with a significant number of the staff, is very apparent both here & in the game. I think @Harawanagangsta mentioned something in another post about how the game “feels abandoned” & I think that is a very accurate description as it relates to both groups.

I agree with the sentiment that this is a very good game at its foundation, but a lot of those things that make the game great, also open it up to criticism & disappointed players when it doesn’t continue to live up to that level of expectation. It’s pretty much unrivaled in terms of the car selection & depth of where you can go in various aspects of the game, but again, that can create its own issues long term.

I think we’ve seen the maturation of many levels of expectation, disappointment, frustration, hopelessness & finally indifference. It reaches a point where trying to stay engaged is difficult when it feels like sheer repetitive gameplay, without new content & with fewer players enjoying the experience.

The second expansion could have helped to breathe some life back into the game, depending of course on what that ultimately is, but it feels like the timing has been missed for that. (If it ends up being something like Legos, well…that will have the complete opposite effect & be the ultimate end to this edition for me.)

I have a feeling there are significant numbers that have moved on & just aren’t looking back unfortunately.


I enjoy it. I put it down but didn’t pick it up got ages. I have been a fan since forza motorsport 2.

The main criticism I have is that it is very easy to get good cars. Like it comes quick with the rewards on the spins. Don’t get me wrong for a lot of people this is great but where I come from the gran turismo 1/2 PlayStation 1 generation where you have to grind a bit to level up it felt a bit easy. I mean you can change the difficulties on the game settings which is fine but I almost felt like it over rewarded you (If that’s a thing). This is probably a tactic to keep people who aren’t into spending a lot of time grinding on driving game/sim interested in playing. However to me it feels a bit of an underachievement. Family I played with who had barely played the game had already got good spec cars. I obviously had better ones but I was surprised at how lucky they were with the rewards etc.

The hotwheels expansion I haven’t played, I do have the standalone hotwheels game but felt a little short sold on the lego add on for FH4 so haven’t invested this time.

That’s my 2 cents…


And to be clear, I still play, I still keep up with the occasional updates. And still race up and down that volcano road. But its such a far cry from what this game could and should have been. and what was advertised as a playground for enthusiasts. Not just tourists.
I also echo the sentiment that, even if something does change with the new DLC. It does come too little too late. Theres still a massive list of stuff to be done. And I dont see them doing any of it.


It’s a good game.

But it’s a step down from four. And four is a step down from three.

It’s nearly impossible for a player that has lived through those other titles to not to get riled by five. Even though it’s a good game. And it is a good game.


And three is a step down from two. And two is a step down from one.


this is what I just don’t get; there are issues, well-documented, going back years, well back into the active life of H4, and they’ve been copied and pasted into H5; coupled with the absolute refusal to engage on what might be termed “certain topics” and the feeling of it being abandoned is a guaranteed outcome


Loving the Space Ghost :+1:t3: