How good is the game as a whole

Forza Horizon 4 is so good yet so bad. The graphics, races, map, and physics of the cars are so amazing to me. The only big downside of the game is the online adventures. I here a lot of people screaming about getting cross country over and over again, and I here some wanting a voting system. If there was a voting system in online there would be no problems about the cross country issue. I here a lot of people hating the team racing system. I for one do not like getting first place but losing because of my team. I think a lot of people like me would like to race independently without a team and race with a points rewarding the players for their placement in races. For example, 10 points for first place and 8 for second place and so on. Freeroam rush is another thing that a lot of people hate. I personally dont like racing to point A to point B. Freeroam rush shouldn’t be a race in my opinion. A lot of people hate being rammed so making a non contact lobby in the game could make a bunch of people happy. And my last gripe would be D to B class cars are useless because they do not show up online at all. With all of these issues that most of the community is having I believe the game can not reach it’s full potential and I ask the developers to please take a close look at the forums. It takes a lot for people to stop playing a game and complain about any game.