Controller steers like a keyboard, any options so the controller turns the wheel bit by bit?

I’m using a contoller onpc for fh4 but the controller steers like a keyboard. If I turn the analog stick just a bit, the car sticks to the max turning angle instead of just turning a bit. Is there an option for this so my controller can turn the car bit by bit? I’ve checked my controller and the analog stick does give input that isn’t just 1 or 0 like a keyboard

That is not how keyboard control works. In fact, playing with keyboard is way better than playing with any gamepad.


Read post #1, read #3 and now your post. Wich one doesnt fit?

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What controller are you using? There can be compatibility issues with non-xbox controllers. If you’re using a PS4 controller, try using DS4 windows and hide the DS4 while playing, may solve your issue.

If that’s not it, check out your steering linearity and steering deadzone options. They are in the advanced control options, which can be accessed by pressing a button prompt (displayed in the bottom left) when in the controller settings screen.


Been playing for going on one week now on PC. When I first started playing I tryed using my PS4 controller since it was the only controller I had laying around at the time. But soon found out FH4 don’t like the PS4 controller on it’s own and you had to use the DS4 software. For the life of my I could not get the PS4 controller to work 100% correctly.

So I just made a trip to a local Walmart store and bought one of those PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox Series X|S. Least now I have a controller I know for a fact will work on PC games now. lol

You have a PC and you chose to play with a gamepad instead keyboard?? oh my. . .

Not everyone has the ability to race fast using a keyboard…or has the time/patience to spend the time learning how to drive using a keyboard. I’m one of the Bad people that uses a controller when I use my PC as I have used a controller on PC games for the last 15+ years and am not patient enough to learn keyboard driving, especially given I used to be pretty dismal at it when I was younger and you only had the keyboard

We already established something about this “person”:
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