Content Update - May 15 - Lost Skill Points Refunded

Just logged on and thers a 196mb update but nothing on the forum to say what is all about

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You need to use all the point up straight away else you can’t earn any more till the counter drops below 999… it’s like that film Speed… lol.

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So, I don’t understand… you are just awarding points to people or actually unlocking the masteries that were unlocked before? Do we have to go unlock all of them again??

If I had previously spent over 2000 mastery points, are all 2000 being given back or only 999???

You get 2000 back.

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LOL well they have about 35K to give back to me. According to my stats on sunday I had spent up to 37 thousand up until that day…LOL this will get interesting

Not quite as many as you, but I just got the “Car Mastery Points Refunded” message saying my 29250 Mastery Points have been refunded, so that is good.

What is not so good is that I have 730 cars to which they need applied.


So why do you need to apply them to all your cars? I got 14,000 and I figure I’m only applying them to the cars I use (about 20) where there’s an influence boost involved and maybe the cars with gifts in the perks. If I was skint in the game I’d maybe do all the cash perks again but I’m guessing that anyone with over 30,000 skill points spent won’t be short of in game credit. I’ve got enough money now and all the cars from the auto show so I don’t need to farm the wheel spins like I did before.
If you’re regularly using all 730 of your cars then hats off to you!

By the way, I’m in no way absolving PG or T10 for what in product quality terms is a massive cock up and I’m really disappointed over the lack of grovelling apology, but I’m not convinced it’s a game breaker. Imagine if they’d deleted all your paints or tunes? Now that would be something to moan about.

What I’d like to see is a sizeable discount on the next title for FH4 owners and a proper apology, and I think maybe I’m not the only one.


The price would be set by Microsoft and no harm in asking is there
I reckon deleting all your cars would be pretty bad too

“Sorry” doesn’t put thumbs on the hand, Marge.

Compensation is always welcome, of course, but my main concern in these sorts of situations is that the problem gets fixed.


WOW! I cant wait to get home so I can see the exact figure. Yeah re-applying all those points to even 100 of those cars will take 45-60 mins at the very least.

After the Update (on my Xbox One) I’m having continuous freezing. Maybe is just my console

I wonder what this will break! LOL

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It removed the 320 points I had built up and refunded my others back I’d off thought it would add on to points I already had

It added them for me. I got 700+ which put me on 1400+

Points seem to have stayed on cars that have already been maxed or applied. I went to check a few cars and ones I knew I had use points on still had them. Not 100% sure if all of them are like that but the ones I checked quick still had them so I figure this is on top of what has already been placed.

Just started the game and received 17,027 points back… I thought I had used more, but not caring… Just imagine all those wheelspins, cash, influence and bonus cars… Not to mention the cash and cars from the wheelspins!!

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I just got 154 points back!
Does that mean I lost virtually nothing and have only got back the points I had used on the 4(?) cars I legitimately got from the Auction House that have been wiped from my garage?
Have I now got to go through 600 cars and re apply the points that I lost or can I just use them as I want?
I have no real intention of going through 600 cars to keep PGG happy, I have a life.
Any ideas folks?

You are probably correct in that’s exactly what PG want you to do after all it looks like a lot of people on this forum don’t have a life outside this video game. :wink:

Use them anyhow you want. It took me ages just to use up 500, I wouldn’t like to do more than that.