Skill point refund did not work fully

I had 500-600 SP yesterday evening and 400 cars with all perks purchased.

After the update I had 4826 SP. I have worked through the cars in the default sorting order and re-purchased the missing perks but ran out of skill points with 77 cars still to do.

So, it’s not worked correctly or needs some explanation. I did the work to get the points for the upgrades, I really don’t want to have to do it again. Let me use FP instead, maybe, I’ve got the best part of 7000 there.

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Nobody said the new skill trees take the same amount of points as the old ones.

I know what you mean but no, that’s not the explanation.

Same for me, they have robbed a lot of skill points, in my case I miss almost 1000 skill points.

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I’ve also lost, and not been credited back, several thousand points.

Some skill trees still have things unlocked, without adjacent perks being unlocked now too,…LOL

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You looked in some CarMastery?
There was no message this time but it showed ~500 points not wasting time to reapply and next patch removes again…

I had fully unlocked 154 cars, and was 550 points short of being able to restore all the damage. Even if they’d added in some extra things to unlock (which I don’t think they did, I think they were all swaps), the calculation they’ve used to refund points has clearly left the players out of pocket.

I’d been refunded roughly 750 mastery points. I’ve only been reapplying them on my currently favourited cars and I was still short of as much as I’d been refunded. Bummer.

I think the problem is that it looks like the refund occurred for cars where the entire skill tree was replaced but no refund occurred for those where only part of the tree got altered. That begins to look like something that makes sense, at least, though I’m not sure I agree with it if it is the case.

Got over 4000 skill points returned and it seems that some of the cars where I did adding some skill points back the last three weeks are completly blank like all the car pass cars and the exclusive cars in the playlist.

I cannot write how I am feeling right now about the franchise…


How about you make some button to put perks back on all cars instead of forcing player to select all gars again and put perks back one by one… this takes hours of work!!! we saw this once on fh4 and now again fh5… GREAT WORK!!! Also now I have 3k perks and at this moment when I play I can’t get MORE perks because perk cap is 999. This sucks the most!!!

They didn’t delete all the perks, just a few.

Have they removed wheelspins / super wheelspins from all car mastery trees?
Or just from the cheap cars?

Whichever it is I think I’m done with this game, I enjoyed farming skill points but no reason to play now.

Most of my Wheelspins are still there.

now a really weird one - I had two Willys MB Jeeps - one had its tree reset, the other didn’t (bought both or a wheelspin, not gifts, both upgraded before the update)

unimportant but . . . strange

finished redoing the points - I was short about 1250, all told, I am pretty sure this is the partial-reset trees not being refunded, the numbers are about right

I wondered why I had 4k SP all of a sudden. So you’re telling me they reset all my cars mastery trees and I have to spend 2 or so hours to reapply them to my hundreds of fully tuned and painted cars? Fork that… I’ll just hold onto the SP I guess. Also strange how we all seem to get the same 4k SP.

This didn’t work out well for me. I don’t recall how many cars I have but maybe 500-600. 700? Many many with lots of unlocked car masteries BUT… few fully unlocked. I’ve been leaving some things locked that I didn’t care about to come back for later.

I was only given back ~500 skill points. I think I spent more than that on Sunday when moving through my garage unlocking some masteries. I won’t bother looking at each car (I see enough to know it’s bad news) until I’m going to use it but I surely got shorted by many thousand points. I mean… my Jesko? Why is it’s entire car mastery locked when it was unlocked before? Doesn’t make sense.

I’m also one of the people who have enjoyed the dreaded E:1047-0 in FH4 where I lost everything. Cars and money returned but tunes, prestige, paints… gone - along with all skill points that they would not provide. At that point I had over 900 cars maxed and 999 points on hand. When I asked them to provide me some skill points back I was told I would not be given additional “compensation.” If you’re going to use the word “compensation” for skill points then I’d say I’ve just been stolen from in FH5 and none of the many thousands of skill points I’ve lost were earned by AFK.

This is the icing on top of the FH5 disappointment cake. Something clearly went wrong in implementation but the biggest failure was whoever decided anything needed implementing at all.

Now that’s interesting. I didn’t have to do anything to my Jesko, it was all bought before and after this update, as with the Regera and One:1. The Agera RS needed 15 points to buy two or three masteries that had been replaced. I haven’t done anything with the other Koenigsegg cars. Returning to your comment, has this affected different people differently? That . . . well, bad, init?

sure enough, been playing since day one and they refund me 94 points! what a slap in the face!