Content (cars) in Ultimate Edition

Question: how did you get access to ALL of those cars so quickly? I’m asking because I have the Forza 6 Ultimate Edition, and yes, all the cars are there,
BUT you have to use credits to get them. In other words, you basically don’t have free access to them, you have to use credits to buy them?

In Forza 5, once you purchased the downloadable content, it was available free without using your credits. I’m working my
butt off racing and trying to get the necessary credits or spins to get some cars.

I also thought, once you had the Ultimate Edition on your XBox system, that any OTHER users on your system had access to the purchased cars as well. My grandson,
too young buy DLC had access to anything I purchased on the Forza 5 game, but I see no free cars for him when he signs on.

Maybe something wrong I’m doing?

The free cars are tied to your profile, since the rewards program gifts them to you based on progress in the previous games. If he didn’t do much on the previous games he’ll get little to no rewards and will have to buy cars with in game credits.