Constant tyres lock up in replay

I can brake perfectly fine without any tyre squeal, no smoke, no skidmarks, no indication of locking tyres.
But when watching that moment in replay, I often get locking wheels, smoke, skidmarks and tyre squeal in the replay.

I have set my brake pressure around 63 % so that I can initially brake with a fully pressed pedal without locking wheels.
But the replay seems to reflect the braking input incorrectly.

Why is that?
Anyone else noticed it?

A friend of mine pointed this out when the game launched. From what we could determine, it was a bug that effected the replay when you’re using the ABS assist. Try turning off the ABS for a race or rivals event and review the replay.

I reckon controller inputs are sampled and saved at a lower rate in replays, so you get rev-banging and lock-ups in replays that weren’t there when you drove it.

That’s really bad.
But why am I seeing lots of replays on youtube without constant tyre lock ups?

BTW, I don’t use ABS.