Constant crashing on Xbox 1

I have not been able to complete even the first part of the game due constant crashing. Reinstalled twice just to start the game, every update downloaded, Long time Forza fan and player this is my worst game experience yet. I really hope Horizon 4 is not this bad! Any ideas to help the issue would be much appreciated.!

Did you happen to attempt to download a forzathon reward before it happened? I tried to download a forzathon reward, and it took far too long, so I decided to dashboard the game and it crashed when I tried to get back into the game. The second time I managed to enter the game but I was unable toconnect to the servers, which led me to believe the game was glitched, so I uninstalled it and am currently re-installing it. It’s probably gonna take a full day and a half due to my slow internet. : /