Game broke after attempting to download a Forzathon Reward

Tried to download a Forzathon reward (The August Payout one that required doing 3 races or something). It took a couple of minutes and it still didn’t download, so I decided to dashboard FM7 and re-enter the game, but it crashed on the screen with the Porsche (Which never usually happens). I tried again and managed to get into the game to play with my friends, but multiplayer wouldn’t work, so I repeated the process and the game crashed again, then I got in and multiplayer still didn’t work. I decided to uninstall and is currently installing now. I’ll update this thread once it downloads.

But in the meantime, I see in the forum that a lot of people are experiencing game crashes. I wouldn’t mind if we didn’t even get any new features for a month if we just had a massive bug fix that would make the game a headache.