Community tunes

I have built and tuned my own cars, but its time consuming and I get very mixed results.
Obviously community tunes are the answer to that problem, but they are all one star rated. How do I know a good one from a lemon?
Best thing I can think of is to try and get you guys to recommend me some people to follow.

I race in D C B and R classes mostly, and I like to get into Simulation league as often as possible.

Cheers guys.

Why no replies?
I thought this was a good question.

This would be very difficult to answer since it all boils down to your driving preferences (ex. “loose” car versus very neutral, and so on). I have found many good tunes with 1-2 stars that I have really enjoyed, yet, some with many stars which do not fit my driving style, nor what I like out of a tune (from drivability standpoint).

If you search within this Tuners section, or, the FM6 Tuners section, I know that several threads were authored which requested similar information and many folks replied with which tuners they preferred and/or classes per tuner. Thus, I’d recommend you perform the search. In addition, within this section, you will find many “garages” of the Tuners that have opened a thread within Yet, many others have not done so. Then, after you pull your preferred list, just FOLLOW them and it will make it much easier to find such tunes,


So basically, do it the hard way.
I know that I have shared some real crap tunes back in the day that I thought were real good.
Now I’ve tried some really good ones, I can’t just use any old rubbish.
I don’t mind it loose or tight. As long as it is tuned and a car has been well put together I will drive to the characteristics of the car.
I will do some research.
Thanks again.