Cockpit RPM Gauge issues


sorry if someone else has already posted anything about this, i couldn’t find anything.

90% of the time i drive with the cockpit view and with 2 cars so far i have noticed the rpm gauge just is stuck at idle.

One of the cars was the Audi s4 2004, the other car was the f&f supra. Now with the supra it has a custom rpm gauge (which works) as well as the standard. So i am not sure if that one is supposed to be like that?

Also some cars have speed gauge only goes to 160kmh, now this has been a problem i have noticed since Forza 4. one car i have noticed so far was the skyline r34, are they the same in real life, speed clock only goes to 160kmh? seems very strange and i would have expected it to be 160mph if anything.

I know these are only very little errors which allot of people don’t even care about, but i mainly focus on the rpm gauge in the cockpit rather than the standard one, it gives more sense of realism.