Cockpit speedo issue

Right, I’ll start by saying I am in love with the game, it’s great, however at least half of the cars speedometer’s are way off.

There was always a handful in previous games but it’s worse now guys and its irritating me as I like to race with hud off in cockpit.

Anyone else bothered by this?

i notice that a lot of the cockpit speedos still show in KPH even if you have it set to MPH in the options

They also shows MPH even if I set KPH.

Another question, if HUD only, do you set no HUD elements at all? What about laps? Or a fuel gauge, if you do endurance races, and the car has no fuel gauge inside the cockpit?

You do know that the speedo on the dash of the car won’t change no matter what you change in the setting they are modeled off the car they had access to so if the car they had had a speedo in MPH the car in game will be that & the same if it was in KPH. The only way to change it would be to have two completely different interiors for every car & I could only imagine how had that would be to implement.

Seems correct, although I thought i remember to have KPH speedos on forza 4 and 5, but I have to admit I mainly race european cars or Porsches/Ruf in Forza 4 & 5 and they of course have KPH speedos.

And some cars like the B5 S4 dont even work LOL. Dont hope for a fix though as they tend to leave these things how they are.

THe IPL G37’s speedometer is WAY off.