Club Rewards are still broken


I just finished another goliath race. Received enough XP to reach all levels up to gold.

Now as i monitor my money each time i’m close to a new club rewards, i noticed that the game still doesnt issue every rewards you should receive.
This is a problem i have since the game has been released, and i’m sure you guys have the same problem or just don’t notice it because club rewards can be obtained really fast when you do long races.

This glitch is completely random : Today i received bronze and gold, but not the silver, last week it was the gold i didn’t receive, another week it was the platinum etc… and i’m sure of that because i’m monitoring every club reward since i suspect the club rewards to be broken. In total i’m sure i didn’t receive for around 1 000 000 credits in a month. When you want to buy all cars, 1 million is not insignificant.

Please Turn10 look at this problem, something is not right.

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And Again, and again, like every week !!!

Another time no Club Rewards have been received.

Didn’t receive silver, didn’t receive gold.

Seriously, this is boring, all these bugs not being fixed…

There’s not a single day without encountering such problems, what are they doing ?

I don’t think I’ve every got Club credits, but I’ve certainly racked up more than enough to be Platinum for the last several weeks, while running Goliath. However, I’ve NEVER saw any extra credits added to my overall money. Where would I see this if it does happen. I know you get the gift each week in your messages, and it tells you also how many times your drivatar has been in races, etc., but what about the Club XP and races?

Club rewards are added to your CR balance as soon as you qualify for them - at least they should anyhow.

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They don’t. Not the 2 times I watched for them.

Glad to see i’m not the only one reporting the problem.

Everytime i’m reaching a tier i’m like “please, please no”

Devs, please fix it.

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I only joined a club a few weeks back and this my second week. Last week I was wondering what happened to my credits as I got bronze but was sure I didn’t get the silver reward. I didn’t get to gold. This week I got the bronze reward again but still have 20000xp to get to silver. I’ll keep a closer eye on it now to see if I get the silver reward.

Did anyone ever get a message in the club section indicating a bonus credit was awarded?
I can’t remember acknowledging for that.
Thought it added it w/o notification, but did not track my cash at that time.

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I sometimes get a pop up that tells me l got a credit reward. It’s “free” money anyway so l can’t feel that upset losing out on it.

Turn10 doesn’t make Forza Horizon.

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pop up comes up for me in the lower middle of the screen either during a race or while racking up skills in free roam
never noticed if the credits get actually added though
but earning free credits isnt that important to me , rather enjoy the game

it’s not like horizon 2 where you got a message in your inbox giving you credits

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And Again…

I just passed platinum, didn’t receive the reward…
First time i don’t receive ANY reward at all for every tier .

Thats almost 800 000 CR total i didn’t receive this week.

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And again.
Again no rewards.

I think i may have found what the problem is.
Whenever you get a wheelspin during a race, it simply breaks.

Each time you’re doing a race and level up + wheelspin at the end of that race, if the experience acquired is enough to get to the next tier, the game doesn’t issue your club reward.

…Seriously, every day there is something that goes wrong, can’t even enjoy the game.

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I did receive platnimum club reward. I was paying attention expecting the other 400k this go around. Had 7.8 mil and when it showed me award on screen I still only had 7.8 mil. It did not award me

To point above- I did it at Goliath and leveled up. Not sure about it. I’m just posting data. I’ve only noticed this once I usually don’t pay attention to my credits.

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